Monday, May 14, 2012

al fatihah

Alfatihah to pakya.

He has been the one helping me my dad. Well to keep it short my family. He's the one that help my sister b brother's in London . He'd the one that accompany me in Sabah. He's the one that help me go trough the phase or changing school. To wrap it up he's like our real pakcik.

Last I met him was during my sister's wedding and he's still healthy and concern as always bout me and my study. Al - fatihah !

In the mids of all the sadness. Not only pakya pass away, ummi's senior also passed away. How shocking. The call from Him is getting closer ! Let's keep our faith strong :)

Congrates to Malaysian hockey teen team !!! For being the champion if Asia in beating Pakistan :)

Man city woooooonnnnnnn !!!!!!

At the 91th minute !!! Sangat la beruntung. Mula mula dah ingat mu menang. Pastu nah kau .! Last minute glory ahhaha. Btw Chelsea pun menang :) and I buat mo test pun tenang =.="

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