1st of April
a new month
april fool ? please dont get fooled
remember history

 well tadi the foursome dtg. they had dinner at mamak and i didnt
just teman. pastu nak balik Muahahahhaa
kena clamped and fine rm 50 ! lol
i can see the people that really wanted to solve the prob and not. sweet !
but yeah wrote letter and done. soon going to get the money back. insyallah.

tau tak nak kongsi satu cerita yang menarik. i find this interesting in this corrupted world
ada this driver used to worked with his boss. remember USED. in the other words no longer working.
then one day, while driving he saw his boss on the oppisite side of the road.
then waza waza pull over, crossed the 4 lane road just to greet and shake hand with his boss. touching !
in this world of insincere,lust and vain humanity, to my surprise there is still a minority group of individual who respects you.
from what i believed so far, now, its the opposite
workers tend to critices  their boss rather than praising.
and so i find todays event very amusing ! ;D


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