sedihnya x dapat pergi palestine punya event at stadium melawati T.T
did i tell u , i wanna go soo freaking badly. obviously its because of palestine related.
if only i know my akak usrah went, i would have been car pooling her car.
awh if i just ask. if she just ask. if i just reached back home early.
well thats the if part.
now since nothing can be done, i am following aqsa syarif twitt via facebook !
the least i can do to make myself as in i am present there *sigh
reached home by the end of maghrib
dinner till 10. text hajar and she said its too late. came back next year . NEXT YEAR u cakap ?
my goodness . saya ada lagi ke tak itu kuasa Allah.

but i cant ask for more. well mesti ada hikmah or something right ?
my parents are dead tired from a whole day journey in car and i cant blame them.
this is what i get for being the youngest in the family !


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