shinnen kai

OMG org JEPUN teramat kaya
rm 5 macam rm 0.50 je WTH ?!
but no doubt la kan considering these japanese mostly boss of BIG japanese company in Malaysia, for example, JUSCO
and oh my bebudak dia, sngat la mud a ala ala sekolah rendah tapi fashion madam sudan umor 20 , 18 tahun. totally this is japan. Untuk majukan negara u have to give and take the pro and cons. cons will be perangai macam setan. HAHA sarcasm !

tapi one thing for sure, pak cik pak cik my both wasn't friendly at all. my booth is called くじ引き !
i was amazed nampak bannyak types of mixture of japanese blood. ada
 japanese + english
Japanese + malay *alim ( totally shocked and touched T.'
japanese + indian * not a good combination nampak cam mexican, tapi still the face features lawa+sharp
japanese + japane   hahaha typical
japanese + chinese * actually u can see the difference TRY !

i hate seeing these dushbags *OOPPS types off people. yang nak make out during event ! yea i believe so its the moment to do that, but eyesore la peeps eyesore ! ISHK ! menggatal gatal tolong la peeps ~ well one of the reason is because i am a cultural person, so i do not like any bad influence yang kacau ketenteraman dan mood event madam ini =.="

the highlights will be, thnk you wan noruddin, thnk u for coming ! it may be nothing to you , but to me i am happy ! happy because i was able to spread the japanese news to u all. well the right type of japanese influence. not those cosplay etc.  so far as I'm concerned korang bebudak kohai AAJ x banyak dapat news cam kitaorg. mostly senpai je buat. tp hahahah met wan and his friends and the ktm excalator and gosh jump lagi sorang budak taiping neh, a friend of zolta and most of maresmartians ! haha

before that had lunch hat mid ! with ckgu hisham ! hahaha actually jumpa di kl central but , hahaha xda restaurant nak makan so off we go to MID VALLEY ! ate Pizza Hut !



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