recreation !

well another weekend
heheeh today is a SAD + HAPPY day

saya cerita yg bahagia dulu la

for the first time kitaorg ada recreation subject !! its considered amazing cuz hidup jepun yg bagai nak giler beljar je no playtime =.="

OMG cikgu smua evil !! i mean okumiya sensei our math teacher is like a father to us.
but mak ai bila main dodge ball td, muka bagai nak taiko mafia aka kenakan orang. gila KEJI seyh !
totally funny and cute
pastu si horikomi sensei pulak  giler tinggi punya cikgu 190++ cm giler tho and yet somehow he got the thing that can attract people. a charm perhaps, what ever. comel giler td bila smua cikgu and the girls mask dlm circle of dodge ball huh, pastu kitaorg smua nak hide belakang org la kan *takut ken a, stoopid strategy actually hahah *
pastu dia macam expand his hands and bust mcm jaga anak anak dia ! sweet
the comes okabe , our homeroom teacher.
ngek la dia mcm cacing kepanasan. seriously FUNNY and ugly. terkinja kinja but more to funny muahhahaha
tapi tetiba sesat dtg takashira sensei  tapi mak ai hebat BEBENAR dia main . pandai tangkap embut badan elak.
saya mmg loser la kan tpi ada satu round tu saya champ ! but what ever i was never the centre of attraction . MEOW

what ever pon, bare in mind, all these people above are all japanese, and bear in mind they are PLASTICS
will never have a slight of fondness feeling

well the sad part will be

i had to reject my friends offer for dinner ! and OMG if u understand what type of person i am i can't reject offers only if it involves my family. and this time it did. T.T
o sorry to u ! !  but i will no matter what make it up some how :D kan dah duk dekat area KL :D so excite !
also i declined to go to  USRAH btw *sigh

btw today je ada 2 cikgu nak sentuh saya ,
first  okumiya sensei because my jalan kerja nak buat math saya lebih senang, so dia nak usap usap kepala and OMG my stimulus terus react ! mak ai , macam cikgu huh some kind of virus pulak. saya dah ready kluar tangan nak karate ! tapi LOL hebat hebat buat math dlm kelas kat paper exam hancur apa la guna kan
second Okumoto sensei , cikgu paling gedik ! like totally seriously gedik ! i like always offer myself to help pick up and arrange stuff. after all that, she actually wanted to say thank you , but OH MY did nak pegang my cheek ?! what the heck ? ewww... true saya menjerit =.="

the opposite *


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