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just another typical teen talk

u see, theres 3 types of friends in this world.

1 . friends who wants to be your friend, but you didnt
2 . friends who wouldn't want to be your friend, but you did
3 . friends who wants to be your friend, but you did

so , what are the odds? urm non i'll say, but it must hurts to have the 2 option friend. thought we were close back in thosedays. like i said in the previous post this is what i am scared off. bertepuk sebelah tangan T.T its not that i am eager or craving to be her/his friend. rude much, fb is so easy to get connected haha
its just like i'm an anonymous now

but come to think back, like i care that much HAHA
i believed i am and trying more to appreciate those friends in category 1especially and 3 !
theres no time for me to think of this tidious minious randomious talks
time flies fast ~

so had a lovely day with  my brothers, well, they borong baju melayu for my sister's wedding function. as for me, i got nothing =.=" dont feel like shopping. along the way, my brothers keeps on cracking some mean mean jokes ! though they are mean , but i'm used to it and no doubt it damn HILARIOUS !
previously i was called "dinosaur" ! now its "ikan bawal" >.<" why? sebab i mencari cari tudung bawal .
then one of them ask 

"bawal tu apa?"
as i was about tu answer 
" bawal tu .."
" ni la bawal , depan nih "

who is me unfortunately wearing selendang that makes my face look so full and stuffy like "ikan bawal"
as much as i hate them, those are just lies to cover up that i actually loves them. :3

sorry elena. i got ur fb msg late. well came back home late and i dont have internet on the go =.="
really wanna meet you up dear. especially wanting to see you with your hijab awh ;-)
nanti ada rezeki kita jumpa ye 


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