heppi new year !
 2012 is here !
is it a yay or not ? well on the bad side my age is getting bigger, on the bright side , well nothing.
perhaps because i enjoy my 2011 life so much., a very relaxing, hectic, enjoyable life. well met couple of great people and awesome people too .  reality is reality, i cant go back to those times anymore, future is HERE !

tomorrow is shinnenkai of japan club kuala lumpur yay ! excite ! tho, i hate japan, but my inner soul to do volunteering work never fade. ever since i join girls guide i always got attracted to those activities. invited some of my friends but i guess, people are busy.

those kmkn-ians are busy packing, lgk-ian all over the place, sj-ians well scattered. hahah

here are me and my friends at kfc having our on sweet a leisure time on friday night !..

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