keluar iBT ke tak ?

gosh now i remember !
dah masuk 2012 !
habis la my sis is gonna get marry, in less than 1 month ! awwwww i am sooo going to miss you
what am i going to do from now on ?

i believe that family stays forever, but sometimes i wonder can friends be just like family too ?
i hope so, but whats happening around me can't prove that
they might forget me sooner or later, but i still remember them, and that will be uber sad. bak kata pepatah melayu bertepuk sebelah tangan ~ please i don't want this to happen, i am scared to be ALONE

if i am at home, i do not want to go back to IBT life. i can't stand it anymore. those nuisance of teacher saying this and that. is their aim is always towards me ? if so why ?
but as i stayed at IBT i do appreciate the life there, how convenience it is, the allowance well except for IBT . i still can't accept is to go every morning to hurdle the test and so on
but now i think my parents are dead serious about this matter.
whats gonna happen ?
dear Allah help me choose !


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