sunday or another

its sunday, and i am bored at home, LOL its has been like the 2nd day of hols and yet i am bored ?
jadi pergi je la teman my oldie classmate haziqah :D 
LOL macam la kl tuh dekat from my house, but oh well, i hitch hike my parents whos on their way to wedding in kl . lucky u  haziqah i got transport :)

what we did ?
so i met her more like find here at mph. and oHGGGG ! all books sale untill 90% off. ada yang fixed price, those thick thick book at the shelf less than rm 20 ! oh how i envy those foreigners working in malaysia. can u imaging how dirt cheap it is !
and yet, still i students of IBT had not receive our 1 malaysia book coupon *sigh. well, round and round we go in the mall, makan meh stop and go je, sampai macam nak makan sushi, SERANG ~ nak nih SERANG ~ kenyang i, mostly she blanja *heart* haziqah. and shop for her newly bout kucing parsi food and shitty sand LOL. 

what i wanna say is just, the shops in the mall, pretty much close. why because it is CNY ! 
[before its too late heppi CNY ! ]
u get what i mean.  sape contol the flow of economy here in malaysia ?
harap harap anda berfikir sebelum membeli. memikirkan kitaran duit . 
mungkin lebih bagus kita membantu orang orang yg lebih memerlukan.  إن شاء الله

not a fan of siti but som stories bout her


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