Friday, November 18, 2011

lol this weekend, im off to kedah. sometimes i just wonder why my family decided to settle down in kl. 
practically he went back every 2 3 weeks. so why not just stay there. why waste time living in the kalng valley area. just move already !

 as for me,  personally i prefer kedah. more green, serenity and such a warm friendly people. but i guess theres not enough excess via internet to let me stay there forever, maybe just a getaway from the hustle bustle of the "sick" city life. its hard to meet up with people if you are living up in the northern state. guess its the same as my dad :X

i believed that i would not want to get marry . not till i have doubt in my principle. so far nothing came across. why marry ? yeah maybe i'm too young to talk, but sharing ur life with others? sharing ur burden , ur glory ? haha ur burden is you to carry. your glory is for u to cherish. random selfish talks.
gosh everything seems to annoy me now. urmmm PMS ?

UPDATE : my skin is peeling. oh matahari >.<

Thursday, November 17, 2011

so yeah at last i went to celcom to terminate a number which i did not used but being charge for.
foolish ! how can a big company like that could make such an immoral act . what ever their reason is, human are always greed for money. then show it off. WTH ?!

i may be no where near a position to say this but earn your tittle, luxury, fame from your own hardship !
gosh ! its getting on my nerves seeing these stereotype of people saying "this" "that" ! just cut the shit out ! you didnt own it for goodness sake. u borrowed it from your parents. what more u borrowed it from the All Mighty. really hate this topic. but without them, i believe the world will be full of angels *.*

so something more relaxing and fun !
i LOVE vid call ! !

 my heads hurts.
the whole day.
some ask me to see the doc like my backbone, i just couldnt agree to that.

ok today is even worst. i woke up almost noon. and yes again, my house is empty. what to expect, everyone have their own business. 
didnt do much these days, just filling in my time finishing the whole season of gundam 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

ok ok ok
i knew its my fault. i woke up late today. was suppose to go out meet rose, sadly it didnt happened.
as i woke up my house it empty, well practically, mom dad wasnt at home. so no transport to send me anywhere *sign. so apa lagi, makan the home made breakfast, naik atas n layan GUNDAM SEED !

oh nostalgic !! can u imagine, its been almost 10 years since i last watch this show. sgt byk kenangan . なつかしい !! all those drama, tech, robot, romance and stories i shared with my friends bout Gundam seed, makes me wanna cry. till now theres 2 thing that is japan-related that i havent lost fond yet. first is the GUNDAM second is the kimono.