Friday, January 28, 2011

SPC ! -wrap up

28 Januari 2011

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

kami-sama e!

"the Germans love to say: Those who can read, profits"

okay. this evening called the MARA department regarding this spc Kuala nerang
this post here is the summaries of all the inquiries i got so far.

  • What is the total amount payment for persediaan course in Kolej Mara kuala Nerang ?
So far, Elaun Sara Hidup / ELS given is around thousand plus ringgit. But that excluded tuition fee and hostel fee. to know more, come for the taklimat on 7th Feb

  • How much do i have to pay if i quit half - way of my foundation ?
basically you have to pay 100 % including ELS , tuition fee, hostel fee. total fee may varies with time.

  • If I reject SPC offer, will I still be eligible to get MARA offer after SPM result is out?
Well in this case, theres 2 answers.
one of the MARA people said, its like your name will be on the second batch if you are to be called. because they had offer you SPC. the term is like
" blacklist".

another one said, no nothing will change. it will still be the same. you are still eligible to apply. there is no such term called "blacklist". but encourage is given to accept the SPC offer.
either way both seems to be dis likely getting other MARA offer after you receive SPC offer.

  • if I accept MARA SPC offer, can i still apply for MARA offer using my SPM result ?
yes you can.

  • Will MARA have an oversea offer after SPM result is out?
yes they do.

  • Since SPC is not fully scholarship, will there be scholarship from MARA in the future ?

Sadly no. As for now, MARA had stop giving full scholarship starting from 2011. everything will be in form of loan or pay a few percent. but God knows,
maybe it will change ;)
  • Is SPC a twinning program?
yes it is. 1 year in unikl malaysia, 3 / 4 years in Australia / New Zealand. the graduate certificate will have the oeversea university name, dont worry.

  • Recommendation ?
Do take the offer. many students are dying for it. why wont you ?

p/s :
its best to come and listen to the taklimat on 7th Feb. all the questions will be answered.
If you insist on scholarship, take up JPA. but you know the competition is SUPER high.
Unfortunately, the real guy (En Mohd Shazwanul ) behind all this Kuala Nerang program is on leave and he will be back on 7th feb. =.= "
source are from
Mr Aziz; Assistant of En Mohd Shazwanul, En Hamidi; in charge of local affair ) and En Hakim; in charge of Students affair in United Kingdom.

الحمد لله for the info

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bukan Sekadar Picisan: Welcome To My Blog

BADAR punya blog ! :D

Bukan Sekadar Picisan: Welcome To My Blog: "Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.. Tepat pada jam 3.05 pagi pada tarikh 22 Januari 2011 maka bertapaklah blog..."

Soft CG art

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


26 Januari 2011

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

kami-sama e!

today i digg out the truth of spc.
who would have thought, after having driving class in the morning and dad's having his half-day work, we were off to bangunan MARA located at jalan raja laut by train. man... tunggu punya la tunggu delay. pastu took 40 minutes to reach to bank negara station.

we arrived bout 3.30 so yeah dah lambat. almost off office hours. jalan terkejar - kejar, jumpa kawan bapak iaitu ketua MUAFAKAT. TUan Haji .......... dia office kat jual2 baju. busy babe. baik punya org. told my dillema, and pastu OFF to BERISI CAFE

ate bihun udang yummy indeed !

pastu bapak punya la sembang.
then at last the timbalan pengarah kanan guy, kinda cocky. lol we waited till he finish chatting with this so called dato from terengganu. business la tuh apa lagi ?

he said there is notgoing to be another offer from mara if u reject spc.
but of course mara do offer oversea after this. but obviously if i reject this / accept this spc offer my name will be blacklisted.
he say u got this spc why waste it. if u have passion in engineering you wont be troubled to pay back the 15 %
kinda mad !

now after going through it i am now 65 % x nak pergi 35% nak pergi. shidah called and we are all having the same dillema...

*fyi ; bapak farhana called the ketua mufakat nak minta tolong her for spc. well she deserve spc than anyone else. she is the best stud in my school tho.

darjah 6 Cempaka

الحمد لله for the sweet ride back home.

Decision to Decide

25 Januari 2011

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

kami-sama e!

life oh life. sometimes i questioned myself as
" why do i say yes to All Mighty that i wanna live and see the world "

the world is such a
sinful place.
spere ball.

nothing is worth to see. except if u wanna live and breathe toxic ! oh my balabbing again,

today just receive POSLAJU regarding mara spc offer. it wonders me. people congratulate me like 2 3 days earlier bfore i even get the post. its like the knew it. psychic friends. its in kuala nerang. it takes time. kira - kira lebih kurang umur 22/23 g keje. tak ke awal tuh. uuhuuh. but if i cabut lari, man pay back 100 %. just to let you know, though i know you know it all, roughly about RM 550 000 .about half a million $.$ big figure hah ! and you will forever be blacklist from mara. GREAT ! thats why, once you said " YES" to join mrsm, you are actually indirectly saying "YES" to become anak mara for the next 10 + years. *sigh

1 year kolej mara kuala nerang > 1 year unikl > 3 year in australia or new zealand univercity


i got another offer that is of course the Exxonmobil internship. in this february i am going to that this TOEFL exam to study in the states. its even bigger than mara if u ask me. like exxon mobil ? who wouldnt know that name? unless you are living in your own world that is. freaks. its the no 1 most profitable oil and gas company based on their asset. man it will be a dream come true to work there . AMIN ! but future indeed lies in His hands. done group interview, done one-on-one interview, done SAT now TOEFL exam !! its was a whale of experienced tho !
either way both still depends on my spm result.
10 A+? AMIN ! . . . .


which to choose ?


will you help me to decide ? ;-)

الحمد لله for the offer