mencarut mencarut mencarut !!
today i have just been double FUCK by ..... B***** shit !
who do you think u are?
at a very least show your respect.
You ARE A M***** for goodness sake.

you wanna do it to me, release u anger, i just dont give a B****** damn ,
but u are doing it in front of a jap teacher ?
hello rude much ?
best stud in paper is nothing compare to ur Att.  NOTE that !

kiss and love


so that very night, he text saying he is sorry. then he called via Ummi's phone and wanted to talk tome.
 i'm like yeah whatever ok, and give him a say bout why he shouldnt say in front of sensei.
then, everyhing wasnt like it used to. he tegur me on bus and bus stand, but in class its like we havent solve this problem.
in class his back in his emo mood or something.
i just dont get u IBT boys.
but please allow me to do so for once....


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