so yeah at last i went to celcom to terminate a number which i did not used but being charge for.
foolish ! how can a big company like that could make such an immoral act . what ever their reason is, human are always greed for money. then show it off. WTH ?!

i may be no where near a position to say this but earn your tittle, luxury, fame from your own hardship !
gosh ! its getting on my nerves seeing these stereotype of people saying "this" "that" ! just cut the shit out ! you didnt own it for goodness sake. u borrowed it from your parents. what more u borrowed it from the All Mighty. really hate this topic. but without them, i believe the world will be full of angels *.*

so something more relaxing and fun !
i LOVE vid call ! !

 my heads hurts.
the whole day.
some ask me to see the doc like my backbone, i just couldnt agree to that.


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