so today is the raya haji for me.
lol well i got a taste of daging korban, done at my community surau !
yummy yum. alhamdulillah now i'm bloated !
tapi before that, i always pick a fight with my brother saying ,

" hey u ate too much "
" no i didnt !"
"na'ah , yes u did i saw u. and this is ur second bowl "
"liar, i didnt.  "
"saw youand  cuz u're FAT !"

and it goes on and on...
its kinda frustrating at first
but then, my sister laugh.
and so i asked why on earth u laugh when we are in a tension mood here?
its because, we keep on fighting bout this tiny-eini-mini issue of FOOD !
how lame and yeah stupid ! :D
plus, actually its true what people say, the more you say something to people, the more it'll come back to you.
in this case, i'm FAT !


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