ok victory cant be achieved without failure right ?
so harimau muda lost to syria. but i find it quiet reasonable. well, this isnt the real team that played during the sea games. the goodie goodie captain badorol x da. padahal badorol la yg kaki sepak free kick lawa *sigh. so yes, che mat apek tuh ada. did saved some shoots ! so he's the captain, but malaysia mmg xda striker, main lawa lawa, then sampai gol, jadi *blank. tiada orang hendak shoot !

majlis kahwin !

so today crazily i accompanied my sister pergi shopping textile / fabric or what is it called, who cares. yg penting baju nak kahwin. my my Ya Allah Ya Allah ! susah nya nak kahwin. so just look at the process. well, tu pun yg paling simple. so i wondered to myself. seriously, no wonder orang kahwin lari ~ kenapa la nak ikut sangat those mind sickening tradition. LOL in contrast i ACTUALLY love traditional stuff. tapi mak ai ! punya la mahal kain kain tuh, cam x berbaloi ! hundreds, some thousands ! like what kind of technology do they imply to make it so expencsive ? ! stoopid. just plain stoopid. but at last pilih jugak ! at last ! after hours ~ :)


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