did matome nihongo
math matome
kanji matome
daily kanji

now starting chukyuu kanji. dang ! getting harder
so i end up coming back home. rase tak heppi and terkurung ~
so yeah, i told the ugly truth to sensei, malas nak sembang as in tipu untuk balik
prefer to be honest

so waited the bus for like a gizillion years !!!
i was crying from inside. sediyh ! nak balik. pastuh dah gelap baru dapat bus. but its worth it !!

well, the reason why i was late because had to belanja ahmad yang dpat markah math rendah lagi drpada me. awhhhh there goes my weekly food money gone to the subway company hahahah ~
what ever la. but at least today, i accomplished my goal that is ....
to get TOP 5 from Bottom for math
whch i DID ! yeah ~


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