weekends together or alone?

weeeeee not !
my parents have been going back to kampung TOO frequently.
i felt sad. more like  lugubrious.
i come back home every week, breaking sweat in the rain and jammed pack ktm, trying my very best to show up my face as early as possible on friday evening, right after class, just to have dinner together,
then waking up  the next saturday morning saying goodbye and salam to my parents ? because they are going back to kampung. arrrggghhh !
why cant they just do it on weekdays.
plus i am been eating otside food for like almost everyday ?
i miss my moms aka home cooked food .

what ? since whne i am soo this lovely dovely one?

no i am not. just that now i feel that it is the right moment for me to have some quality times with family, knowing that your family is all u got in this humanoid world apart from ALLAh that will always be with us.  later as life  move on, and at some point you just need Your family....and some close friends

so now im killing this "precious" times by watching Pretty little Liars S2 !
so jealous of their clothes.
but their mysterious hectic life? nah arent jealous of that.
the story of emily being the all rounder girl trying to grab her scholarships reminds me of high school days. now that i remembered, i find it stupid to rely on just a scholarship to plan your future. choose what you want, not the scholarship.

cant wait for rugby World cup FINAL tomorrow YAY !
also meeting with PEI VERN ! 


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