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today in class. it was funny. we were bored of practicing kaiwa in japanese names. so we requested for malay name. my my
all sorts of name keluar. melur, mawar, orked, temah, eton , mamat, abu tapi paling x boleh belah is

hahah my name ? ! well my nick name in kmkn. oowh how i missed kuala nerang ~
so that lesson i was practically laughing out loud ! untill rasa badan panas... hahah
well i'm known for being alway HOT in class. haha you know what hotness i m talking bout *wink

gosh within less than this 1 month i'll have like 3 MAJOR exams ! no no no ...
to contrast all that,
for the past 2 weeks my weekends are all about hanging out with friends. yes.
and once i go out, it a double date !
so yeah my money flew just like that . but hey i do feel satisfied.
going out with different kind of friends... from sj to langkawi to kuala nerang, all diverse.
i started to believe that there is just so many ways to persue ur study.
sometimes it doesnt have to be that high -end course of college.
as long as ur perform there the opportunities will open up to u. Insyallah.

but my my, so from all of that, i start making my monthly budget !
so yay i got my budget for food, myself, family, friends, and keepsake :P
and happily



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