dear friend

takziah to my dear friend syazani ex - stud of ibt.
his father died on thursday morning round 12.40 am
so yesterday me n some of my classmates pay a visit at his house seksyen 6

but before that

my my had a bloated afternoon and evening
full with open houses and kenduri.
then i started to feel dizzie. as if there were these metal bars poking at the right side of my head.
maybe i ate too much ? its just like last nite.

so yeah hana, cumie, anat, faiz and razin came all the way from taman desa by bus ! *round of applause
and i came by my dad round during maghrib. chatted and started the tahlil. at first they wanted to go back since they were scared of not-having-any-bus at nite. but luckily by HIS will they made it. the tahlil ended early and we even had time to eat dinner. syazani's house is pretty old like builded in 1980's style, but the sourvinier there were mostly chinese related stuff. vases, canvas, painting, writing and etc. then only we found out that they had once lived in beijing.  he send the guys first at seksyen 2 bus station then the girls.

well, i got bored so, i joined them. and my my what a ride. KECOH betul ! ! hahah best . kenari dah lah atas dia luas so selesa gila gelak3 buat lawak. padahal dekat je tp with me around, everything can be hectic ! :D pastu at the bus satnd seksyen 2, faiz and razin cam "huh ?!" while staring awkwardly at me. . as if i am going off the car boys ! my dad's coming to pick me up duh ~ haha so on the way back i was with him only in the car. tp i sat at the back and he well, the driver, in front. punya la takut i ckp " ishk bahaya nih ! mna boleh dua org je dlm kerta baik i tunduk !" luckily i didnt hahah stupid of course. on the way back i shared my story what happened at ibt hahah. but overall it was a nice chat. though it was a brief meeting with you in ibt, i am glad when we met as if nothing much was left out.just to let you know, i do pray for ur future in ur upcomings especially stpm syazani ! :3

then comes today's activity.

watched super 8 to killed my morning time. the girl memang pandai berlakon and citer nih cam membawa kenangan kanak kanak. best jugak .

un expectedly i was done by steven spielberg the well known producer. at first you will think this is a budget film untill you watch how they burn the train. my oh my shocking ! then i realised ok. this is not made by some unknown producer.
then they blew up their city. o many effects that you will enjoy and the kids are cute. well somethimes annoying but. basically its about kids life. and in 1972 so you will know what to expect haha.
overall should watch it. though i am a bit down at the end part. after the mystery was unveil.

ari nih memang raya sakan la kan.
penuh ngan open houses and kenduri everywhere. but i dont know why , lately i am becoming anti-social. like when pak su came to our house with all his family members* siap2 naik estima dia yg dah lama diabandonkan* i didnt even come down to salam. sebelm tuh pun ada tetamu. then evening pun ada. at nite pun. actually kecian to mom and dad. non stop going to open houses and receiving guests. well i only went  and associates with freaking amount of 1 family today. tuh pun sebab neighbour. actually there is benefits by going to people's houses actually. i love to listen to adults chat of bussiness related stuff. so today i learnt bout how the singapore do their dirty works to get customers eg airplanes from other country to stop over at their airport/airspace. although malaysia airspace is actually way more cheaper round 30-50 cent, but still NOT many passes through malaysia airspace. one of the major reason is Singapore loaded them with money lol just like how the US playing their business games. money is soo important nowdays. even for airplanes. eg

if ur country pay a sum to country A , when ur aiplane request to land, although the plane perhaps queuing at number 2 , if the airplane whose queuing at no 1 didnt have any ties or bussiness with country A, ur airplane may cut the que and land first . see !

and yeah i also learnt that singapore and johor shared air traffic control or something . they took shift. so tahts why when singapore is on shift, they smuggle or take in many of their aircrafts, jet fighters , ships, and many more in illgally. but thats going to stop. since new rule is being made.

but no doubt singapore is advanced in their technology. well fair enough right ? play dirty, more dirty money .  but hey on the bright side, malaysia is competing too. just that we dont have that strong ties with the US nor the Israel.

al fatihah to syazani's dad ~

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