dear friday nite

woW !
and takziah ~

woke up late due to last nites activities
hahahah usrah for such a long time
but this time its different. its usrah HARI RAYA ! for the past 1 week, i keep on entering class early in the morning with my fav qoute [ selamat hari raya ! ]
sometimes its annoying i do agree hahah but hey where can we get the raya spirit ? lol. and my voice oh mymy, it penetrates through the hallway n classes. so if i were wishing it in my class, the neighboring class could heard, and if i said it in front of my class, the whole hallway including the senpai's class could hear haha ! btw lately studs are all busy as bee bout jlpt. puff ! like i care to take that exam :P

so back to last nite, kak yati came with

yummy yum ! tho i am not a big fan of it, but rezeki depan mata kan ?!:D to add on kuih raya, my serunding and heres a funny story, bahirah came with a white plastic with me. soon when i came back from 7E we found out she brought ROTI ! instead of kuih raya hahahah but on the positive side everyone keeps saying "hahahah nih (pointing at my serunding) boleh makan ngn Roti bahirah ! " hahah who expect that ?! :3 and kak yati emntion she missed ummi cuz its been a long time since she last met her.

then the nite continues with japan movie marathon *YUCKS !
first of !
kurosagi movie futuring yamashita tomohisa
a movie about swindler . theres 3 types n he is the black one. a movie to be appreciated my kurosagi drama lovers because its the continuation of the drama. so if you havent watch the drama most probably you wouldnt understand 100 % luckily i one that kind of friend --> dayah beside me to interpret the story hahah 

continue with Koizora

not my cup of tea tho. YUCKS ! but remember this, this is the first time i watch love related shoujo japanese movie. of my eewww ! all fairytales and more puff and clouds .. ... life is not that sweet taht is what i believed. i say the girl is stupid and the guy please though act as you are capable of everything. sometimes i do wish i have this kind of story to be told when i am old, be i cant help to fall in love twice in my life

well i agreed that sweet moments in school life are the best, but what if i dont have it? well i do feel like turning back the time and have it my way but maybe this is the best for me. unmei written by HIM , in japanese unmei.
because of that , instead of going back home on friday nite, rescedule to saturday morn :))


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