18 September 2011
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

kami-sama e!

wow speech contest ?
Japanese speech contest ?
huh ?what are you saying ?

those were my thoughts until i experienced it . it totally changed !! 27th speech contest !
ok , we always have to be on time, so sharp 12.20 waited at teiryujyo and due to one of our nakama came late,12 :40 (10 minutes off schedule ) depart. prayed and it rained :"( pouring heavily. how are we supposed to walked back to bus. so everyhting on that day was delayed. though the contest wasnt held at aaj instead at pasum ! oh my what a lecture hall. its been a long time since i entered this big. big seats with comfy cushion added cool aircond provided. my my , i thought perhaps i am going to my usual activity that is sleep. but NO ! i listened and yeah mocked some people too and compliment some too. funny and touching, but sometimes can be irritating.

what ever it is the best part was, i met elevation, adri *he gave me couple of money to buy gundam :)). i felt weird receiving it but oh well. deeds done, deeds repay. then ex-kmkn ! *scream ! lin and wan. tho at first they werent planning to come but hey ! luv u all. sayangnya ma'il xda. so x dpt nk tgkap gambar together.
then come this weird person. dont know i'll called him stalker but he seems to be every where. ex kmkn too but senior syahin. why on earth are u here ?? !! STALKER  ! haha missed them all :)) but lin went back early she had runnign nose. awh its ok.

but hell yeah ! to ibt. we won all. out of 3 contestant sent, all 3 receive prize. azalia senpai obviously she by far should win. asyraf senpai n eng keat, private guy. and this shows that paper- only - smarties can not do everything . compared to azalia -san , seng keat and asyraf's nihon go is superb but see, who won they grand prize. thats why sensei, you cant just rely on paper based test only. boo yeah !

wish more of this to come. really heppi met my old buddies. tho it was brief but meaningful ~

الحمد لله for the brieft meeting and experienced gained


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