what a day

my my my, how much strain of patience do i need to endure today, i wondered.


start off by going to HUM for my well-known scoliosis check up. well, as predicted i changed my appointment date due to my new ibt schedule. and guess what ? it seems that the hospital did not have any record what so ever of my newly changed appointment and they wouldnt let me do x -ray ! gosh i burst into tears. it wasnt easy as abc to ask for a leave here in ibt. people do questions a lot. especially when i am just a 後輩. not to mention in this 2 months i studied so far, i have been skipping for more than 5 days ! wth ? and my attendance have to be 90% for this 2 whole years.できるかなと思う。but الحمد لله i have such a supporting and loving parent, especially my mom. she went inside the radiology area and ask by any chance i could slip in and yes i CAN ! yeah, with eyes like a red ball, took off my clothing and did a couple of pose for the xray this time. then comes the dreadful part. urghhh ! the doctor keeps on asking so many questions ! DR. Kuna what ever la, he is still studying to be a specialist, so in the other words the doctor who treat me was actually a sub-specelist. and WORST ! i was his case study ! XP GILA ~ hate it and dont feel like elaborating much on that *sigh


then comes the IBT patience test ! right, according to the schedule まとめ試験 is today at 10:30, but obviously how can it be possible to sit for it when my appointment finished around 10:45. so what else? i went up to the roof * hehe like in the typical japanese school and lepak there. tried to study for まとめ試験 but lol. it was hot ! hahah how silly. so i waited at the hallway for the class to be over and entered the afternoon class onwards. then only i noticed the existance of surau . why didnt i think of studying there ? *sigh . the test didnt went that good, as usual my 文法 pull me down. then one after another i sit for exam. a total of 3 exam i did today. that was still considered ok, since i had sit for 5 exam straight before. =.=" wasnt surprised to getも一度 !


then seriously this ruin my day ! after class, おかべ先生 approached me and said that there is something important she want to ask me. my heart went pumping fast ...
like what could it be?

because i took so many leave?
because i always sleep with so many different poses in class?
because i wasnt performing in my exam like i should be?
or is it because i post the class picture online ?

shoot man ! i was nervous every second a word came out from her mouth.


i was like **** U ! if u have anything that u dont like. speak up ! dont talk behind my back ! especially reporting to teacher is the WORST ! what an immature senior you are ! please grow UP ! begging for teacher's sympathy ? mercy ? house problem settle on our own sudah la. ini mahu bawak ke luar rumah ! mahu kasi calar nama saya dengan cikgu ka ?! EJU konon ! please la. semua orang ada exam mereka sendiri. its your own responsibility to cope with the problem. not just complain ! like who ask ur table to be beside/near the TV ! well, early on you said it yourself that any problem just speak up, and LOOK WHO IS TALKING U **** ! **** ! i was definitely damn HOT ! like above boiling point ! err how selfish can you be ! hah !? gila ah ! sumpah menyampah dah senior-senior my house ! tau la i buat kerja depan TV cakap la baik-baik and bukan main-main. USE The God's ceation wisely. nih kan report. eeee budak - budak sungguh ! fyi , sape yg selalu pasang volume kuat gila waktuh tgk TV ?! its the seniors la. datang ramai-ramai umah tengok showdown malam-malam bising sampai ummi pun terjaga ! ? itu, kami senyap ja. sebab we understand thats your right if you want to watch TV. considerate please ?. have you not learnt anything from the past? talam dua muka ! baik depan kitaorg, belakang reporter ! sumpah 咲いて ! serious s*** ! feel like leaving IBT ! heck you, i personally didnt want to study in japan. and this whole 2 months i have been trying to smile and be happy. but this is the max. i called my dad saying i wanna go out ! well i dare to say the TRUTH ! unlike some people *sigh

i know its رمضان‎ season but THIS ?! hummiliation ! even the teachers have bad impression on me of so called disturbing-senior-to-study ! *~@#%^& !


this is my therapy. thanks to my syahin, i went buka puasa dengan dia.seriously, i do not want to look at my seniors faces especially after the event. malu ! plus, there will be an ifthar ramadhan together at the surau area alongside senior, junior and residence of danau idaman condominium. like i care ~ ! back to syahin, he is another one of my long lost under-the-radar friend. it was a promise though. he choosed SuSHi King and i couldnt agree more. well, the bill was on him so what ever.but still i do feel guilty and asked him to order side dishes in return from me. took so long to order my menu, until so many waiter/tress came to us to take our order, untill i was ready . haha . there is this good guy well, one of the SuSHi King guy of course, came to us told us its time to break our fast.tapi kalu ikut syahin, gila ! according to him, the perimeter was to watch this particular chef, who is a muslim, to go out from the chef area and have drink. STALKER ! sampai nama chef tu pun perhatikan hahah. at mid, we chatted , well i was the one doing it most of the time, tapi i enjoy. so many stories we shared and laugh and smirk but the bottom line is i am relieved and happy. i am relieved i got someone to talk to. someone to accompany me. the funny part is i talked too fast till he asked me to repeat a couple of times. haha and said

"bahasa apa ko cakap nih ?"

LOL. thats me. like che yah, always easily excited over something minor. but i wouldnt want change a thing because i find it as a stress reliever :) maybe if it gets worsen i just have to, but thats the future, now is present. then, he showed me the new surau which wasnt under my acknowledgement. 3rd floor, inside jusco. it is hell small but still capable to fit me :) and perform my solat. even the toilet was more spacious. *haish
from the bottom of my heart,


waited for rapid KL u72 felt like forever. i was racing to go back りょう and perform solat berjemaah. well, due to the lateness of rapid KL, my نويت went down the drain. to add some juice to the story, i saw 平川先生。damn! she was the one that told me its IBT rule to go back home with the school bus, then only you can go where ever you want. blah blah blah rule. so yeah i entered last in the bus and was willing to stand for the whole journey. but my heart says that she noticed me. die ! die me on monday ! X3 reached りょうjust nice. *smirk they had finished تراويح‎ and going for وتر‎. then at night 父母が送ってくれました。:)

p/s: to whom it may concern,
if you have any problem what so ever with my post relating to YOU *yes i am pointing you, i'll say this C.L.E.A.R.L.Y that i dont care. curse me, hate me, **** me, THIS IS MY BLOG ! and i am doing exactly what you did,that's talking behind someone's back ! :P


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