JPA interview

13 April 2011
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

kami-sama e!

Dengan hormatnya saya diarah merujuk kepada perkara di atas. 2. Sukacita dimaklumkan bahawa saudara/saudari dijemput untuk menghadiri temuduga Program Ijazah Luar Negara Tahun 2011. Maklumat temuduga adalah seperti berikut:- Tarikh : 13 April 2011 (Rabu) Masa : 11:55 PAGI (Sila hadir ke pusat temuduga 30 minit awal untuk pendaftaran.) Pusat Temuduga: SHAH ALAM Alamat : BLOK W, INTERNATIONAL EDUCATION CENTER (INTEC) UiTM SEKSYEN 17 KAMPUS 40200, SHAH ALAM SELANGOR Penaja : JABATAN PERKHIDMATAN AWAM MALAYSIA (PERMOHONAN UNTUK KE LUAR NEGARA) Bidang : SASTERA IKHTISAS

and so i went there. with full hopes i went there with a full suit of baju kurung and tudung bawal. well i learn not to be too official by wearing black suit to interview. gained this experience from SPC interview where i was mock bout my dressing =.="

there were indeed many non-bumi puteras compared to bumiputera. no doubt since the percentage of bumi is 56% only. =.=" regardless i strut on my way towards the billboard of all the listed candidates approximately 200 or so to sign in my attendance. i arrive 1 hour early but it was pretty good timing since my mom need time to park her car and walk to building W. so i waited at one of the bench with my mom and tried to open the laptop which i brought. sadly techs wasnt on my side that day.... dont know why it didnt start . >.>" so i called my dad to ask me what can he feed my brain at this eleventh hour regarding economics. and there u have it, DATUK MAHANI ABDUL GHANI. one of malaysian leading economist. (google her to know more ). at 11.25 went up to 2nd floor and sign again on my name and into the room. the room wa full of people already. it accumulate candidates from panel 9 - 12. which i am in panel 12, and all the candidates in panel 12 had arrived and hand in the documents to JPA people. hahaha as i walk towards the table the JPA guy said

" < my name> ?"
" ye , saya, ** BINTI IMRAN "

lol. so i handed mine. and took a seat behind. then, my name was called again cuz well my particulars given online and the particulars i handed was different. like my parents pay slip. of well the problem was resolve with ease. and then he called up my name again cuz he say i got this additional language cert but in my online application i didnt tick. what ever. thnx to that guy actually , many correction were made for my own good. and weird enaough they want a phtocopy wih approval of my certs ! they didnt mention in the letter. :)

people brought like 2 files of their certs in from form 4-5. me ? just 1 file and it wasnt that much *sweat. soem even wore mini skirts and shirt. others tried to wear baju kurung but with open sandals ? not formal people. my group people was indeed quite. then the candidates from the previous session came in.... they seems really relieved and NOW its my TURN ! *dup dap dup dap

i was the first person out of 5 people. it was a grouo interview and i had to wore this badge with "no 1 " on it. LOL. with bismillahirrahmanirrahim and right foot i entered and sit at the most right hand side.

there were 3 panels 2 malay guys and 1 lady indian who sat right infront of me :) i sat when only he gave the permission to do so. being the first candidate ought me to start of first and i did. my introduction was very very long untill he ask me to stop =.=" ( thats what my counsellor said. sell youself really really hard till they ask u to stop ) i boasted bout my achievement and didnt even touch on my family yet . LOL the here goes the summary of the interview from 12.00 - 12.55 pm

questions asked :

  1. "Apa itu sastera ikhtisas?"
  2. "jadi kenapa dari bidang sains tukar ke bidang sastera?"
  3. "as an economist, what can the economist do towards the country ?"
  4. " if you were an economist, what can you do for the country ?"
  5. " tell me about 1 malaysia"
  6. *forgot*
  7. "Di Malaysia, penderma organ masih kurang. beri pendapat."
  8. "Orang pandai seharusnya menjadi Doktor. beri pendapat."
lol my answers were practically nonsence. there was this chinese andidate asking to speak in englsh ? like isnt it a trick . they want you to be patriotic and speak more in bahasa melayu. well my opinion. i speak like a bullet train ! didnt know whether they understand or not. i was practically blabbering cuz i i dont have a solid point. so i keep on repeating and forgot some words, till the panel help me... like

" not educate... urmm mwhats that word again..."
" encourage"
"ah thank you "


even in bahasa melayu i forgot . like..

" pada pendapat ...*personal."
"ah terima kasih "

we really laugh a lot. well pointing towards me. i was smilling like the MAS airstewardess, aka senyuman plastik non stop. the middle panel took notice of me. well because the malay guy who sat beside me was from sekolah agama and his english wasnt taht ok plus he speak not as much as i did. hahah a total opposite the panel even ask me

" ummm mungkin anda boleh bantu ?"
"eh takpe takpe"

crazy. i wouldnt want to help cuz it will make the malay guy like a jerk. plus one of the chinese candidate slap the other chinese candidate guy because he laugh a bit due to her "urmmm". the whole room burst into laughter ! seriously, very informal !

  • BE fluent in bahasa melayu
  • be fluent in english
  • wear formal and polite. prefered baju kebangsaan for ladies. guys just your normal casual suit with blazer.
  • black close shoe
  • put a Smiley face because the panels are dead tired and easily bored.
  • DO RESEARCH on the current issues !
  • do a photocopy of your certs
overall it was FUN ! :D

الحمد لله for the interview experience !


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