the D day

24 March 2011
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

kami-sama e!

stoopid ! hate my life. i wish it will end now. sorry , but i just cant hold it anymore. the place u call home is more like a ****** place. gosh i am being rude to eveybody. my bad, my deepest apology but there is a filty cause for my actions. haha i am just hopeless.


life is unfair

when u want to be happy and enjoy the achievement,
there are people better, far better than you

when u are ungrateful of the result
they are others who got worst than u

so which to choose? be happy or be sad ? or just be grateful ?

i got no-one anymore, and no-one got me anymore. would u prefer to be just nice having a success, or almost Succeed ?

for me i prefer to be almost !
cuz almost u know u can go further, but as for JUst nice success, that is ur limit. thats how far u can go ~

maybe i am thinking negatively, like

" is the glass half full or half empty ? "

i'll say its half empty. i ahte lying to myself just to comfort people. for what ?! wasting time ~

so i HATE my Life

p/s : i wont tell my result in public. sorry . too ugly to be shown !

الحمد لله


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