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11 Januari 2011

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

kami-sama e!

ok. for the past couple of post have been posting pics solely, without words... lol
but the past few days was fun. hanging out with friends that is.
i miss them all.
i miss the moments
i miss the thrill
i miss the feeling.
time can never be unwind. so what ever.

sister is back today. lol i think her housemendship what so ever thing has ended. she no longer have to work for 15 hours. 7 - 10 pm. hahah ad currently she is sleeping. well she should. :D

was out today for lunch in ttdi (again) n buy some food for Yuki (my cat) she have been shedding ( lol is it the right word?) her fur lately. so we thought its the food problem. seems that it wasnt the food. there are 3 factors prior to the problem.
  1. flee
  2. tension
  3. new environment, new friends, new food

and we are guessing its due to the third factor. since we just settle down in this new neighborhood. hope she's fine

evening went for jog ! can u imagine JOG ! for the first time in ... urmmm 3 months ? lol did 4 rounds which i estimate about 800m X 4 = 3200 m. ok i think. not bad.
was tired obviously.

tomorrow i think i am accompanying my dad n mom to go back to our hometown. visit my paternal grandma and grandpa which i havent been seeing them for such a longggggg time.

and yes. EXXON is always giving us late notice. on saturday Mr Rosli called and say we'll be sitting for toefle exam in february ! shit ! so soon !?

and yes..
again others got the opportunity of SPC
congratulations to
Deanne for Account- acca in Shah alam
Villa for Account - cima in shah alam too
MAA for engineering in UTM
Liyana Khazali for engineering in Kuala Nerang
and the latest member of SPC
Syidah ~ ! for engineering too

lol that leaves me to nothing oh well.



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