new year ?

1 Januari 2011

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

kami-sama e!

haha cant believe i am writing the number 2011 !! wowzers ! new year new resolution ? nnth la i find it happends every year and it becomes common. whats so special about new yar? i find it more fiesta = drugs sex sin !
damn la the JEws act as the mastermind ! damn !

madno called last nite. dunno whats wrong with him. keep asking me to get marry. well not juz him basically most of my mrsm langkawi friends hahah other do text about new year stuff. god bless them. AM In !
I am determined Not to get marry based on my own personal reasons.

morning ate nasi lemak n oh GOSH ~ ! sakit perut since then. i think my stomach wall is corroding thats why i couldnt stand spicy stuff no more. always sakit perut. fwuh, lunch juz ate a bowl of koko krunch lol. n yeah brother did bought nasi ayam takeaway since i insisted not to accompanied them to eat outside.

well they ate outside juz the house is under improvement :D grinding here drilling here and there lol ! for a better HOUSE ! :D

played godfather II in ps great ! the nly place i can kill people n releas my stress lol

cuz i felt so bad i couldnt make it for shereen and alya zahra's invitation to sunway. it was kinda late notice. imagine theye post it up on my fb wall around 2.00 am of 1st december !? lol i i opened my acc in the afternoon so yeah basically i missed it. awwh i miss it man.. seeing all the girls from sj ! but nampaknya macam xda rezeki the ALMIGHTY didnt seems want to let me go isnt it . Redha *make me feel better tho *:D

visit sister in hospital serdang. sometimes i wonder why do u wanna be a doctor? u do get names ! yes and cash too ! but the life suck. i mean u study 24/7 and work as a housemenship from 7.00 am - 10 pm crazy people.
but sometimes when u reach the top u don't have to do that anymore lol. and Money keeps coming babeyh ! :D for the first time i felt like going to medicine field :X

for 2011

الحمد لله for protecting me against those sins


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