2 Januari 2011

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

kami-sama e!

ITS SUNDAY ! HOLIDAY ! hahaha yeah the southern still holidaying unfortunately or should i say luckily the northern are having their first day of school :D

to my Juniors
enjoying your schoolastic life !

hehehe i definitely miss going to school. wake up early fyi 5.50 AM ! wow. now ummm lets see *.** am ? hahah my bad... ishk astaghfirullah al azim

i went to visit kawan aka ustazah aka fatin nadia. lol only i call her "kawan" because i am having the same disease as she does, SCOLIOSIS. <<< style="font-size:180%;">الله. owh
when i came,
  • she was alone, awh...
  • her room was air - conditioned :D
  • 4 beds available but only 2 occupied
  • one was kawan, the other one was some old old chinese lady ( contradict isnt it ? ahha )
  • she gpt tonnes of food

camwhoring hehehe

[ take ONE . haha us face was half. ]

[ Take TWO. Kawan's bantal busuk ! ahaha ! ]

[ take THREE. rindu ~! selimut maktab ]
[ Take FOUR. kawan on her bed. smilling :) ]

[ Take FIVE. see you soon KAWAN ! ]

we gossip ! like real plain gossip bout 1 hour or so. pity my brother. i asked him to wait outside cuz its mainly ladies inside. and us had to wear tudung and we wont be able to chat smoothly.


الحمد لله for for the visit :D


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