Decision to Decide

25 Januari 2011

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

kami-sama e!

life oh life. sometimes i questioned myself as
" why do i say yes to All Mighty that i wanna live and see the world "

the world is such a
sinful place.
spere ball.

nothing is worth to see. except if u wanna live and breathe toxic ! oh my balabbing again,

today just receive POSLAJU regarding mara spc offer. it wonders me. people congratulate me like 2 3 days earlier bfore i even get the post. its like the knew it. psychic friends. its in kuala nerang. it takes time. kira - kira lebih kurang umur 22/23 g keje. tak ke awal tuh. uuhuuh. but if i cabut lari, man pay back 100 %. just to let you know, though i know you know it all, roughly about RM 550 000 .about half a million $.$ big figure hah ! and you will forever be blacklist from mara. GREAT ! thats why, once you said " YES" to join mrsm, you are actually indirectly saying "YES" to become anak mara for the next 10 + years. *sigh

1 year kolej mara kuala nerang > 1 year unikl > 3 year in australia or new zealand univercity


i got another offer that is of course the Exxonmobil internship. in this february i am going to that this TOEFL exam to study in the states. its even bigger than mara if u ask me. like exxon mobil ? who wouldnt know that name? unless you are living in your own world that is. freaks. its the no 1 most profitable oil and gas company based on their asset. man it will be a dream come true to work there . AMIN ! but future indeed lies in His hands. done group interview, done one-on-one interview, done SAT now TOEFL exam !! its was a whale of experienced tho !
either way both still depends on my spm result.
10 A+? AMIN ! . . . .


which to choose ?


will you help me to decide ? ;-)

الحمد لله for the offer


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