26 Januari 2011

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

kami-sama e!

today i digg out the truth of spc.
who would have thought, after having driving class in the morning and dad's having his half-day work, we were off to bangunan MARA located at jalan raja laut by train. man... tunggu punya la tunggu delay. pastu took 40 minutes to reach to bank negara station.

we arrived bout 3.30 so yeah dah lambat. almost off office hours. jalan terkejar - kejar, jumpa kawan bapak iaitu ketua MUAFAKAT. TUan Haji .......... dia office kat jual2 baju. busy babe. baik punya org. told my dillema, and pastu OFF to BERISI CAFE

ate bihun udang yummy indeed !

pastu bapak punya la sembang.
then at last the timbalan pengarah kanan guy, kinda cocky. lol we waited till he finish chatting with this so called dato from terengganu. business la tuh apa lagi ?

he said there is notgoing to be another offer from mara if u reject spc.
but of course mara do offer oversea after this. but obviously if i reject this / accept this spc offer my name will be blacklisted.
he say u got this spc why waste it. if u have passion in engineering you wont be troubled to pay back the 15 %
kinda mad !

now after going through it i am now 65 % x nak pergi 35% nak pergi. shidah called and we are all having the same dillema...

*fyi ; bapak farhana called the ketua mufakat nak minta tolong her for spc. well she deserve spc than anyone else. she is the best stud in my school tho.

darjah 6 Cempaka

الحمد لله for the sweet ride back home.


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