6 Januari 2011

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

kami-sama e!

ok its been few days since i last blog. so i am going to summaries my week.


is the day i was suppose to sign up for PLKN. regarding the previous post, which i received 2 offer ! amazing isnt it. seems that i am soo WANTED in PLKN but sorry people, you aint getting me heheh last night, i was crazy about GOSSIP GIRLS. padahal esok ada exam teori Memandu. Die XD

i went for DRIVING teori test. before that, had a quick mom's cook lunch. at 12.30 i am off to shah alam to take the test by this MYEG guy. pity him theres only one counter =.=" so yeah. i and another candidate (named AQILAH zulaikha ) arrived before 1.00 pm. but we had our exam around 3.10 pm ! CRAZY ! met another aqilah, her name is Nurul Aqilah . guess what ? she is going to move to my neighborhood ! :D someone i know my age ! yay ! cant wait. result i got
47/50 . not bad. thnx the All Mighty !

but the drama is just the beginning.
as i reached home. damn ! no cars are inside. no not car was stolen..(thnnkfully not) but no one is at home. it is almost 4 .00pm and i havent done my Zuhur prayer yet DIE ! so yeah i ran ! ran to subang alam's surau. good thing its open and all. very comfortable and cosy to perform prayer. luv it !

[small portion of the building that has many many roooms...]


hate them. HATE the alrm people. both men are rubbish. why ?
  1. buat keje tak ada adab.
  2. pergi toilet rumah orang tak mintak.
  3. pecahkan hiasan lilin yang custom made !
  4. tidak meminta maaf !
  5. jatuhkan langsir bila buat keje
  6. tidak memasang langsir semula
  7. main iphone bila bekerja
  8. seluar jeans panjang kotor meleret rumah orang !
  9. mintak bayaran melampau ( nasib baik ayah saya baik )

man i hate them. if my dad wasnt around i'll seriously puch that GUYS ! urrrrggghhh !! dad was too and very nice too people. he wouldnt hurt anyone. unlike me and my mom. rm 250 for a simple job and he broke our stuff?? stoopid ! just plain stupid. i just pray that this people embrace the true holy ISLAM, remorse and learnt what they did was wrong ! !

and yes i kemas bilik ! hehe
[bilik yg dlm process pengubahsuaian]

and today THURSDAY
swimmng of course. 1 hour ++ of course. was the only one in the pool. =.=" later wanted to have lunch in one of the restaurant in ttdi but, we came early so basically the lunch set is not fully ready yet haihz. end up eating at "kedai kedah " so what we , family called. pity. from what she said, the business is not looking that good.by 2.00 pm no one will enter her restaurant anymore. perhaps because its January ? people had used much of their money on school expenses? well thats business.

also finish playing GODFATHER II !! i am the DON ! ahha

الحمد لله for the great pleasure u rained on me :D


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