where the heck is that plkn letter.
i was suppose to get it a week ago
but still no sign... shoot !

theres so any things happening right now. i miss all those stuff cuz too much on ps3 lol ! dah setahun beli baru nak main. obviously boarding school.. duh !

dont wanna work. or maybe i do . cuz 3 month is short !
finding my interest. finding the course plkn thingy

really buzzing me out. plkn where the heck is the letter? i wanna appeal. not for so easy-going-dunt-wan-to-go but i got sickness. Real sickness...

juz when i thought my college course life spinning..
taylor college juz called me . he said i apply for adtp national scholarship. which i did .
and its true phone interview. OMG !
how is that possible. my voice is always cracking. got a soft voice and my my

0172383456 jaydee ong 2pm 28th december 2010

incase i need to schedule the date.
please Allah help me. i really wanted this cuz its under privite college so longer among bumuputera all the time.... aiz.. AMIN !

off to buy swmming attire for 2mrrw's class. which actually strted on tuesday that i miss. cuz woke up late ! hahaha :D


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