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29 December 2010

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

kami-sama e!

the night was crazy . well just for me, just i went browsing the fb so 4 longgggg hours. what i did ? haha obviously finding my loong lost friends, all starting from my primary schoolmates, sarmaf mates, smksj mate and many more, eg, nabilah puwirajaya, nabilah azmi, mirza ikmal, afini and tons of them.

i mean nthey are practically develope and become greater than ever. eg; afini went to mrsm tgb (Wow!), liyana khazali went to pc and ys congratulations to her in passing through the challenge and acceptance in SPC programme, arifah still in smk usj12 (but hey she's like the suppppeeeerrr top prefect there) mirza well in mrsm taiping (nonetheless the best school last year ! ) see most of them are in top school !

chat with liyana for a while, seems that we r goin to gather more sarmaf peeps to get together ~ cute ! i always love sarmaf cuz its the most relaxing time for me...... but wonder are those people that are not-so-into-sarmaf will go ? hmmmm...

browsing through really made me feel like i am this ass loser. yeah people are traveling right now, but i thing i promise to myself is i wont go to overseas unless i USE MY OWN MONEY ! lol
kinda freaky come to think of it but i dont want to waste my parents money no more. they had enough raising me for this grueling intense 17 years. not to mention i am a girl and even in ISLAM had stated if u are able to teach or nurture your 3 daughters correctly, it is the same as herding 40 cows ! ! imagine that ! it is so hard to take care or daughters, not to mention i keep on having tongue fights with my mother. eheheh sorry mom !

my pinky promise not to go overseas conditional

btw went 1 whole day for driving lisence talk under METRO driving license and yes, systems down cant register so lecture starts late umm almost 1 hour and a half late ? wtv ! meet this girl from smk damansara utama, and another girl. sadly we talk and chit chat but NEVER introduce ourselves. hahahha i dont know their name lol . but out of nowhere, of all the places i met my primary schoolmate Muhammad Azly Haziq ( now mrsm alor gajah ), and my homestay programme mate Zafirah of smk usj 12 ! zafirah still wore her same pink shirt that i met her frist time in hotel concord KLIA lol . owh ~ miss u all !


to malaysian team ! a very young team indeed in becoming the champion of suzuki cup. tho i find the song " we are the champion of the world " is not suitable to be played here . hahah well only champs for south east asia. nonetheless our stikers ( shafee and the guy who just got married, lol dont know their name but wearing jersey no 9 and 10 thats for sure ;) ) were superb ! not to mention the Goalkeeper ! :D defenders were damn bloddy rookies hahah sorry but thats what i see. 2 goals from Indonesia are basically due to poor defend. but they still put up and effort and thats ok ! it was like a gruelling momment for me because at some point i felt that my heart is goin to burst ! lol suspense and thrilling just watching the indonesians attacking aggresively


30 December 2010

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

kami-sama e!

as for 2day ! sorry debbra jane danker cant make it to sksj reunion ~ kinda personal reason somehow soo sorry , hope will do more often :D

today as the aftermath of sleeping around 4 am, woke up late. planned to go to some nearby schools but sadly most of the schools are busy doing meeting. obviously, school is going to start in less that a week. duh ~! they couldnt waste their time on me just to approved me certs. around 50 only.

dad went to golf today. after he came back we went out again to giant, did pos laju for my brother's cv to some companies. wash my passport size photo and went to etiqa in SS17. damn ! the service was indeed poor not to mention slow for a private sector. short of employee and just bad. why ? my dad had once came to etiqa to windraw his money or some sort insurance thingy, it was like a couple of months ago. and guess what they are still processing . lame ! we were asked to come in another 10 days of working time. stoopid.

night time, just like usual did my usual routine that is. computer-ing till 10.50 and watch Criminal mind. sometimes i find the story very touching like this episode was about a guy whos had been bullied. and Dr. Reid could really feel his emotions cuz he had once in the Unsubs shoes. *hahah using the tern UnSub*

slept late.

i believe all bloggers should have this attitude , well what is blogging for if u are covering just not to offend people. its YOUR blog, maniac . crap !


at long last i am able to put up the follower's on the sitebar navigation while still using classic template :D

الحمد لله for victory and fwens i have and will last forever


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