its a NEW year's eve again !

listening to : Just a dream by Nelly
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yes ! indeed i woke up late. and thats not something to be brooding about. its my fault after all. i slept very very very late. btw today is national day due to Malaysian Football Team victory ! lol.

morning start off my munching some curry puff *homemade by mum, thanx*
and hurry to kelab tentera udara in shah alam. out around 9. 20 with just dad. what i did? obviously. swimming ! around 1 hour and half or so. but its more intense this time because i swam most of the time. just swam and swam. breaststroke, freestyle back to breaststroke and it goes on. just stop to catch my breath. at the same time, dad was practicing his skills in driving range. hahah i had tried once and its fun. why ? well its almost like tennis. u need to have the right steps follow trough and so on. owh follow through made me miss pak Syed ! hahah exited the area around 11.30 and dad was hungry. he wanted to eat at the kelab and luckily i was able to persuade him not to do so. duh ~ makan dekat kelab sangat la MAHAL ! so stop by at one of the restaurant in ttdi . i just had jambu n dad had lontong.
btw the swmming pool was just ideal for pool party. :D


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