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28 December 2010

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

kami-sama e!

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"A Christian guy asked a Muslim: "Why do your women cover up their bodys and hair?", The Muslim guy smiled and got two sweets, He opened the first one and kept the other closed, He threw them both on the dusty floor and asked the christian: "If i asked you to take one of the sheets which one would you choose?” The Christian replied: "The covered one", Then the Muslim man said "that’s how we treat our muslim women..”

ok Shit ! the taylor juz called. yup it sucks.. all my skills in interview has been corroding literally awh ! so short so brieft
1 question that make it stop is
" is ur father goin to pay for the fee?"
" well i possible i would like to take the taylor national scholarship..."

and blah blah blah
.... the answer will be within 2 weeks time. damn ! all i need to do now is pray ~! thats all i have had left. ahh my trial was so bad, but cant blame the history . let bygone be bygone

now basically i am like the only one that havent receive any scholarship yet ! scholar much !
ok on
Thursday didi got spc ( fast-track for mara studs ) and she just enroll in uitm yesterday !
Friday deanne passed the first stage of khazanah
today aman got taylor college ( its under mara according to zizi )
and months ago diyana husnin received sunway schoalrship

me none !

ah why am i hating this so much !? its like what u really wanted isn't it . scholarship . bloody ! * dont mind what i said here. just my way of expressing my roller coaster life. just frustrating to know that people around u receive scholarship already and i am like this beggar in the cold chilly wind of December pleading some generous organization to give me a penny or two ~ hate to think of it ! being a beggar is tough! you are basically asking for people's kindness to help you !
btw big round of APPLAUSE and CONGRATULATIONS to my beloved lucky friends.. :D

i think from now onwards i wont be checking my email ~ geram je check xda apa2 offer pown owh .....

called this Hira' school for kursus bahasa arab class. and yes i can join the kursus lanjutan. great ! at least somethng i can burn my time for this 3 months. i wanted to pursue my Japanese class but it seems Impossible. like Duh ~! who ask you *pointing at me to* live in shah alam ! so far from all the public amenities and convenience ! hahhaah planned to start studying french and social skills which seems very unlikely to become reality haha ! just gotta deal with what i have right now . =.="

then chat with shikin... thnx babe u make my day ! ask her to go outmaybe friday cuz i really need some space and air ~ i am an outgoing person who likes to go out and try new stuff or just plain surfing the net. but now , ever since school ended * which i missed badly T.T made me living in a solidarity life ! stay home most of the day, well except if there's impoRTant need to be done ! like

on friday went to bangunan zeta or sum sort of bangunan *not important for PLKN purpose and yeah ! alhamdullilah i got exception NOT postpone ! hahaahh cuz the doc in shah alam followed the letter from um specialist *well going to be specialist

from thursday to sunday i swam a total of 9 ++ hours fwuh ! i think its going to be my weekly activity to go swimming... i love swimming it makes me chill and relax my mind or just playing with water :D



AT LONG LAST elevations are all now legally 17 teen !!



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