friday -day

man hahaha back to my schedule. hectic but not so this time..
when to swimming class which i miss the first class.. hahah
buy all new stuff since i dunt have any of those swimming gear. mungkin nak ada pon yg terlalu kecik sehingga boleh koyak kalu dipakai. hahah

class strt as early as 8.30 am. man woke like like working peps only. so early
but sumhow lost during the way cuz uitm is kinda big and windy so dad lost his way. mom and dad joined force to ask around i can help it sorry. 2 - door car. cant open my window duh ! hehe

the instructor's name is sofiya. well its more like a privite class since theres only 2 people ! haahha

rm 150 - 10 hours session

learn bubbling, breaststroke , kicking, and stuff. next class will be straight next week wed, thurs, fri. isnin selasa shes going langkawi . awww ~ how i miss lgk ohhooh
lol . pastu habis pukul 10 berkejaran ke ppum
heres the doc letter
dah la lambat sejam appoinment
mintak tolong cepatkan cuz dad's going to friday prayer.
and they did wine i mean the missy's cuz . . . its true i came late, but asking to be fast. heheh
which they did THNX !
the missys there are damn good. i mean the waiting room is small so people tend to hang out n eat outside in the secret recipe. n the missy is willing to go out n call. well usually people call ur name 3 or 4 times then done. next turn but not this. i luv Malaysian missys !! hehe

enter the docs room
looks fine the spine. i think i am suppose to do xray but kinda throw the app card away. haha thought sum rubbish. spring cleaning katakan


my mom pop the question yg i got ns. n asking for a letter of sickness. n yes he gave

doc :" memo ah ? memo ? memo mana? " he said loudly asking the nurse for a letter

he's not the typical chinese doc i see all the time. no wonder. his from utara. curly hair. check tru mmc hahah. said bout the pain i gt bila doing vigorous exercise hahah. i aid if sakit do what?
tidur ah ?
relaks only lo. what a reply =.='

DR. LIM SZE WEI graduated from india

from what i see i saw that my degree of bone bending has increased. lol tiny but it did. which it shouldnt cuz i am already 17.
so instead of app every year its now every 6 moths yes!

then went to pn haneem's house in ss19. help to do the kenduri gift. oh well makcik makcik bergossip. hehehe



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