Edu fair

19 Dec 2010

yeah edu fair. in mid. invited my HAZIQAH yeah through FB , i went wth nabiela roslaini by ktm train. nevertheless i did invite my ex-schoolmate..syairah

went there by car-pooling n ktm train. it was a heck of time..i n biela arrive at 10:00am..which was early fifteen minutes from the schedule time..hahahaha.mmg banyak org but we juz wanna get there as early as possible and perhaps go to the other edufair in pwtc.haha in the end we juz stick to midvalley only.

there was tons of booth even if u wanna pay attenton at. hahaha my intension was to go to taylor college booth and try to dig up sum info for my up comin phone interview hahahahah n it turn up not so well.i manage to talk to one of the stud under adp as well. n he seems to encourage me to take jpa scholarship, yes i emohasiZe again jpa scholarship or mara or any private i am goin to put too much hope on jpa cuz i noe the comp will be tough.even he,himself in under mara loan. yup loan that can be converted to schorship. if u perform well. .so around 1 we were off to lunch.well we pray firat cuz we knew all the restaurant now will be full house haha.but even after we did our prayer, the que juz wont disapear. i ate new kfc zinger burger thingy set. cost me bout10 rinnggit + + .wow. and syai had this illness of having some sort of ulcer in her inner lips so just ate mashed potatoas as for nabiela she took combo set twister.

went back home n i bought 3 more kindaichi manga haha.
met sab . she look so decent in bj kurung. thats wen we realise we were in the wrong train hahahha. train back to mid ? lol

met mai+adri+cikgu fairul + sab

sorry spellin error. recently trying to mobile blogagain thisths its omnia hhaha

[updated the spelling errors]

coulnt find cikgu fairul's pic lol


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