Bruno Mars - Grenade

23 Dicember 2010

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

kami-sama e!

lol ! swimming is indeed tiring but hey nevertheless it was damn fun ! :D my partner was kinda timid but luckily i wasnt, so basically she wasnt that too timid hahah. learn my full breatstroke without using anymore :D
and was able to swim in deep depth pool hahah proud ! much ! no to mention diving .. well at least i think its call diving. juz to boast confidence level though
mom waited me by the pool side cuz dad wasnt around. he went playing golf . owh !
the aftermath was i had headache. bad !

thankfully after dad's golf game we went to wangsa maju !!! haha ( tun i found the carrefour u keep talking )and off to banguann zetro .


well mintak pengecualian from plkn
and Alhamdulillah the process was soo simple. well obviously i got the permission from doc. well local gov doc to be exact. juz the other day that doc seems unfriendly to NOT allow me go to plkn oh well. so soon i'll get sijil plkn yg i tak layak . what ? pelik

spend my whole day on tv and ps ! hahah

current addiction

love the song ~ though outdated hhaah

cya ~ hopefully i got energy for 2mrrw 9 am swimming class haha


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