21 December 2010

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

kami-sama e!

ok supposely goin to clinic kerajaan in shah alam. sadly i passed the time limit for plkn med check up.

juz info peeps

8 - 10 am
2- 3.30 pm

i can 10 am. obviously x akan dilayan. jadi plan that afternoon to make a comeback. but mom realise she had to jaga tok bagan so takkan i nak g with dad !. i mean i need her to accompany me meet the docs and tell my condition properly.

so changing plan went to colleges with dad. first stop !

inti !

well the counsellor mellissa was kind and she explain properly... baby steps which is just what i need. lol adp is obviously what i ask. and it seems interestin in inti. the have their own scholarship too and if u perform the first smester u can apply. so if u got it u just have to maintain u gpng. ahah

well as for taylor
had to wait for the counselor. she wasnt as friendly as inti and the way she treat me as if i know something and she is juz there to tell A BIT more. what ? i ask her to explain. well i lost interest in taylor ever since that edu fair. oh well i thnk she wasnt actually the counselor for adp. perhaps the REAL counselor for adp was in taylor lakeside. so boring.


i gotta study the taylor adp programme ! and not to mention national scholarship ! the interview is in a week time ! die !

had sum evening tea at kelana jaya b4 picking up my mom.

check the change progress of taylor momsen
[credit capturingmee.thumblr ]

cya ~

الحمد لله for the info i gain



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