_the end of soul sucker_

29 March 2010

hahah its been so long since i didnt blog.what i know is that school holiday is coming and definitely extra classes will be on. before taht let me just list down the things i need to do ..

  • pack my stuff ( cuz the MASB is comin to stay in my hostel... ooo air stewards )
  • study for pj n sivik ( sure not
  • ayahanda mahzan's retirement preparation.....( hate u pc u got the best ayahanda )
  • proposal ( for malam kesenian damn i hate proposals )
  • study tennis !!!
  • annual dinner preparation ( in charge of decorations... gotta start thinking )
now when i think back what i want in life ... sumtimes i deny hapiness and aim for the future... but little did i know life is a whole round of donut ( love the traditional donuts ) u have to be diverse... so far as i lived for 17 years ... i tried everything i wanted.... except i keep denying what i really wanted.

i want life
i want fame
i want frens
i want companion
i want wings for me to fly
i want demure smile
i want gadgets

lol lately school been relaxing. we all are just doodling around watching movies the pum organise. which i dont due to insufficient of money...hahahahah theres this stoopid proposal kena buat bencinya !!!" bila lar nak balik... " has been wondering in my ears for such a long tyme.. but hey look how bad i performe din my examination... i did superbly bad hahahah

oh well why shoul i write all thsi crap.. i just cant wait to go MAKANTHON ! yup u heard that rite !! makantHON ! i am going to eat all the way.. not to forget going to sj !! missing all the fun !


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