the so call holiday !

16 march 2010

my first post in the year of 2010 i guess. Yup 2009 went by smoothly (thats hw describe in shrt) but this year i am expecting it to be rough. Nevertheless life MuST go on n thats is hw i am going to face ths year. SPM !

Back to the main point. Guess what ? What? Well i am using my hp to blog. Yea i know its juz a temporary hp for this week's march holiday but who cares when u r using N97 !!* scream* well it might not seem tht big for certain people but for me it is more thn wht i expected to hold in my barehands.*giggle* i lost 2 of my hp in boarding school. Well more likely detroy both, one cant be charge the other one as its own story. Tht very day i dont know why but i listen to my hp alarm clock n woke up ar 4 am. Histerically i saw my hp was on the pillow which is on the floor. Moments later it ends its life.. It was my beloved k550i . Now using n97 n brother's O2, ths n97 was a received 6 months ago by my dad but he refuse to use it n kept in safe n sound in an old looking office bag. Brother long found it n told us all. N i stole it ! Heheh

Next will be my so called oliday. Everyday i am packeed with study timetable n only have monday afternoon free to hang out wth my frens whch is indeed imppossible, cuz monday had past. lol ! Homework dunt even mention it ! Even the simplest subject as sivik i was given assigment! But most of all i lurve ! Physic cuz teacher understand us n did not leave n hw Thnk u PHySic Dpartnebt ! ! *hugs* obviously in the midts of chaotic i left sum of my hw. Oh well

oh n alhamdulillah i passes my jlpt test. As i expected, my grmmar bring my marks down. I got 372/400, quite bad for my level. I wish tht i cn join again hopefully my spm ends early n my mom give me a green light :) i want to go to japan !

Seriously i need to cntatct my foster family. Its been 3 months n no news from me? Hw rude am i! I know. that will be my to do list ths march break. Gosh times up ! I need to sleep to gain energy !
Assalamualaikum peps !


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