Friday, December 31, 2010

its a NEW year's eve again !

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yes ! indeed i woke up late. and thats not something to be brooding about. its my fault after all. i slept very very very late. btw today is national day due to Malaysian Football Team victory ! lol.

morning start off my munching some curry puff *homemade by mum, thanx*
and hurry to kelab tentera udara in shah alam. out around 9. 20 with just dad. what i did? obviously. swimming ! around 1 hour and half or so. but its more intense this time because i swam most of the time. just swam and swam. breaststroke, freestyle back to breaststroke and it goes on. just stop to catch my breath. at the same time, dad was practicing his skills in driving range. hahah i had tried once and its fun. why ? well its almost like tennis. u need to have the right steps follow trough and so on. owh follow through made me miss pak Syed ! hahah exited the area around 11.30 and dad was hungry. he wanted to eat at the kelab and luckily i was able to persuade him not to do so. duh ~ makan dekat kelab sangat la MAHAL ! so stop by at one of the restaurant in ttdi . i just had jambu n dad had lontong.
btw the swmming pool was just ideal for pool party. :D

Thursday, December 30, 2010

just frens [double post]

29 December 2010

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

kami-sama e!

the night was crazy . well just for me, just i went browsing the fb so 4 longgggg hours. what i did ? haha obviously finding my loong lost friends, all starting from my primary schoolmates, sarmaf mates, smksj mate and many more, eg, nabilah puwirajaya, nabilah azmi, mirza ikmal, afini and tons of them.

i mean nthey are practically develope and become greater than ever. eg; afini went to mrsm tgb (Wow!), liyana khazali went to pc and ys congratulations to her in passing through the challenge and acceptance in SPC programme, arifah still in smk usj12 (but hey she's like the suppppeeeerrr top prefect there) mirza well in mrsm taiping (nonetheless the best school last year ! ) see most of them are in top school !

chat with liyana for a while, seems that we r goin to gather more sarmaf peeps to get together ~ cute ! i always love sarmaf cuz its the most relaxing time for me...... but wonder are those people that are not-so-into-sarmaf will go ? hmmmm...

browsing through really made me feel like i am this ass loser. yeah people are traveling right now, but i thing i promise to myself is i wont go to overseas unless i USE MY OWN MONEY ! lol
kinda freaky come to think of it but i dont want to waste my parents money no more. they had enough raising me for this grueling intense 17 years. not to mention i am a girl and even in ISLAM had stated if u are able to teach or nurture your 3 daughters correctly, it is the same as herding 40 cows ! ! imagine that ! it is so hard to take care or daughters, not to mention i keep on having tongue fights with my mother. eheheh sorry mom !

my pinky promise not to go overseas conditional

btw went 1 whole day for driving lisence talk under METRO driving license and yes, systems down cant register so lecture starts late umm almost 1 hour and a half late ? wtv ! meet this girl from smk damansara utama, and another girl. sadly we talk and chit chat but NEVER introduce ourselves. hahahha i dont know their name lol . but out of nowhere, of all the places i met my primary schoolmate Muhammad Azly Haziq ( now mrsm alor gajah ), and my homestay programme mate Zafirah of smk usj 12 ! zafirah still wore her same pink shirt that i met her frist time in hotel concord KLIA lol . owh ~ miss u all !


to malaysian team ! a very young team indeed in becoming the champion of suzuki cup. tho i find the song " we are the champion of the world " is not suitable to be played here . hahah well only champs for south east asia. nonetheless our stikers ( shafee and the guy who just got married, lol dont know their name but wearing jersey no 9 and 10 thats for sure ;) ) were superb ! not to mention the Goalkeeper ! :D defenders were damn bloddy rookies hahah sorry but thats what i see. 2 goals from Indonesia are basically due to poor defend. but they still put up and effort and thats ok ! it was like a gruelling momment for me because at some point i felt that my heart is goin to burst ! lol suspense and thrilling just watching the indonesians attacking aggresively


30 December 2010

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

kami-sama e!

as for 2day ! sorry debbra jane danker cant make it to sksj reunion ~ kinda personal reason somehow soo sorry , hope will do more often :D

today as the aftermath of sleeping around 4 am, woke up late. planned to go to some nearby schools but sadly most of the schools are busy doing meeting. obviously, school is going to start in less that a week. duh ~! they couldnt waste their time on me just to approved me certs. around 50 only.

dad went to golf today. after he came back we went out again to giant, did pos laju for my brother's cv to some companies. wash my passport size photo and went to etiqa in SS17. damn ! the service was indeed poor not to mention slow for a private sector. short of employee and just bad. why ? my dad had once came to etiqa to windraw his money or some sort insurance thingy, it was like a couple of months ago. and guess what they are still processing . lame ! we were asked to come in another 10 days of working time. stoopid.

night time, just like usual did my usual routine that is. computer-ing till 10.50 and watch Criminal mind. sometimes i find the story very touching like this episode was about a guy whos had been bullied. and Dr. Reid could really feel his emotions cuz he had once in the Unsubs shoes. *hahah using the tern UnSub*

slept late.

i believe all bloggers should have this attitude , well what is blogging for if u are covering just not to offend people. its YOUR blog, maniac . crap !


at long last i am able to put up the follower's on the sitebar navigation while still using classic template :D

الحمد لله for victory and fwens i have and will last forever

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

holy ***

28 December 2010

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

kami-sama e!

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"A Christian guy asked a Muslim: "Why do your women cover up their bodys and hair?", The Muslim guy smiled and got two sweets, He opened the first one and kept the other closed, He threw them both on the dusty floor and asked the christian: "If i asked you to take one of the sheets which one would you choose?” The Christian replied: "The covered one", Then the Muslim man said "that’s how we treat our muslim women..”

ok Shit ! the taylor juz called. yup it sucks.. all my skills in interview has been corroding literally awh ! so short so brieft
1 question that make it stop is
" is ur father goin to pay for the fee?"
" well i possible i would like to take the taylor national scholarship..."

and blah blah blah
.... the answer will be within 2 weeks time. damn ! all i need to do now is pray ~! thats all i have had left. ahh my trial was so bad, but cant blame the history . let bygone be bygone

now basically i am like the only one that havent receive any scholarship yet ! scholar much !
ok on
Thursday didi got spc ( fast-track for mara studs ) and she just enroll in uitm yesterday !
Friday deanne passed the first stage of khazanah
today aman got taylor college ( its under mara according to zizi )
and months ago diyana husnin received sunway schoalrship

me none !

ah why am i hating this so much !? its like what u really wanted isn't it . scholarship . bloody ! * dont mind what i said here. just my way of expressing my roller coaster life. just frustrating to know that people around u receive scholarship already and i am like this beggar in the cold chilly wind of December pleading some generous organization to give me a penny or two ~ hate to think of it ! being a beggar is tough! you are basically asking for people's kindness to help you !
btw big round of APPLAUSE and CONGRATULATIONS to my beloved lucky friends.. :D

i think from now onwards i wont be checking my email ~ geram je check xda apa2 offer pown owh .....

called this Hira' school for kursus bahasa arab class. and yes i can join the kursus lanjutan. great ! at least somethng i can burn my time for this 3 months. i wanted to pursue my Japanese class but it seems Impossible. like Duh ~! who ask you *pointing at me to* live in shah alam ! so far from all the public amenities and convenience ! hahhaah planned to start studying french and social skills which seems very unlikely to become reality haha ! just gotta deal with what i have right now . =.="

then chat with shikin... thnx babe u make my day ! ask her to go outmaybe friday cuz i really need some space and air ~ i am an outgoing person who likes to go out and try new stuff or just plain surfing the net. but now , ever since school ended * which i missed badly T.T made me living in a solidarity life ! stay home most of the day, well except if there's impoRTant need to be done ! like

on friday went to bangunan zeta or sum sort of bangunan *not important for PLKN purpose and yeah ! alhamdullilah i got exception NOT postpone ! hahaahh cuz the doc in shah alam followed the letter from um specialist *well going to be specialist

from thursday to sunday i swam a total of 9 ++ hours fwuh ! i think its going to be my weekly activity to go swimming... i love swimming it makes me chill and relax my mind or just playing with water :D



AT LONG LAST elevations are all now legally 17 teen !!


Friday, December 24, 2010

21 December 2010

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

kami-sama e!

ok supposely goin to clinic kerajaan in shah alam. sadly i passed the time limit for plkn med check up.

juz info peeps

8 - 10 am
2- 3.30 pm

i can 10 am. obviously x akan dilayan. jadi plan that afternoon to make a comeback. but mom realise she had to jaga tok bagan so takkan i nak g with dad !. i mean i need her to accompany me meet the docs and tell my condition properly.

so changing plan went to colleges with dad. first stop !

inti !

well the counsellor mellissa was kind and she explain properly... baby steps which is just what i need. lol adp is obviously what i ask. and it seems interestin in inti. the have their own scholarship too and if u perform the first smester u can apply. so if u got it u just have to maintain u gpng. ahah

well as for taylor
had to wait for the counselor. she wasnt as friendly as inti and the way she treat me as if i know something and she is juz there to tell A BIT more. what ? i ask her to explain. well i lost interest in taylor ever since that edu fair. oh well i thnk she wasnt actually the counselor for adp. perhaps the REAL counselor for adp was in taylor lakeside. so boring.


i gotta study the taylor adp programme ! and not to mention national scholarship ! the interview is in a week time ! die !

had sum evening tea at kelana jaya b4 picking up my mom.

check the change progress of taylor momsen
[credit capturingmee.thumblr ]

cya ~

الحمد لله for the info i gain


Bruno Mars - Grenade

23 Dicember 2010

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

kami-sama e!

lol ! swimming is indeed tiring but hey nevertheless it was damn fun ! :D my partner was kinda timid but luckily i wasnt, so basically she wasnt that too timid hahah. learn my full breatstroke without using anymore :D
and was able to swim in deep depth pool hahah proud ! much ! no to mention diving .. well at least i think its call diving. juz to boast confidence level though
mom waited me by the pool side cuz dad wasnt around. he went playing golf . owh !
the aftermath was i had headache. bad !

thankfully after dad's golf game we went to wangsa maju !!! haha ( tun i found the carrefour u keep talking )and off to banguann zetro .


well mintak pengecualian from plkn
and Alhamdulillah the process was soo simple. well obviously i got the permission from doc. well local gov doc to be exact. juz the other day that doc seems unfriendly to NOT allow me go to plkn oh well. so soon i'll get sijil plkn yg i tak layak . what ? pelik

spend my whole day on tv and ps ! hahah

current addiction

love the song ~ though outdated hhaah

cya ~ hopefully i got energy for 2mrrw 9 am swimming class haha

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Edu fair

19 Dec 2010

yeah edu fair. in mid. invited my HAZIQAH yeah through FB , i went wth nabiela roslaini by ktm train. nevertheless i did invite my ex-schoolmate..syairah

went there by car-pooling n ktm train. it was a heck of time..i n biela arrive at 10:00am..which was early fifteen minutes from the schedule time..hahahaha.mmg banyak org but we juz wanna get there as early as possible and perhaps go to the other edufair in pwtc.haha in the end we juz stick to midvalley only.

there was tons of booth even if u wanna pay attenton at. hahaha my intension was to go to taylor college booth and try to dig up sum info for my up comin phone interview hahahahah n it turn up not so well.i manage to talk to one of the stud under adp as well. n he seems to encourage me to take jpa scholarship, yes i emohasiZe again jpa scholarship or mara or any private i am goin to put too much hope on jpa cuz i noe the comp will be tough.even he,himself in under mara loan. yup loan that can be converted to schorship. if u perform well. .so around 1 we were off to lunch.well we pray firat cuz we knew all the restaurant now will be full house haha.but even after we did our prayer, the que juz wont disapear. i ate new kfc zinger burger thingy set. cost me bout10 rinnggit + + .wow. and syai had this illness of having some sort of ulcer in her inner lips so just ate mashed potatoas as for nabiela she took combo set twister.

went back home n i bought 3 more kindaichi manga haha.
met sab . she look so decent in bj kurung. thats wen we realise we were in the wrong train hahahha. train back to mid ? lol

met mai+adri+cikgu fairul + sab

sorry spellin error. recently trying to mobile blogagain thisths its omnia hhaha

[updated the spelling errors]

coulnt find cikgu fairul's pic lol

Saturday, December 18, 2010

berbelah bahagi

syafiq blurr is at cf NOW !
he called me several times asking whether i'm goin or not.
sadly perhaps not.

n 2mrrw the highlights of solo cosplay and all. but sumhow i find today is interesting cuz i get to join colouring cg art ! ahhhhh !!



lol. i am not going to CF ! its official. read one of those nice inspiring blogs. hahah really got onto what they said. hahah more like spiritual stuff. but very good indeed

found this great site
check out

u can simply customize the template. plus free. juz sign up . its great !:D

harry potter and the deathly hollow PART 1

just review on harry potter 7 movie.
juz okie. thankfully i read the book half only. hahah
juz knew it for a reason

starting cool. very ups wih suspens and shock. its funny when they infiltrate the ministry, seriously the "ground up" harry was walking very odd but at the same time funny

Friday, December 17, 2010

friday -day

man hahaha back to my schedule. hectic but not so this time..
when to swimming class which i miss the first class.. hahah
buy all new stuff since i dunt have any of those swimming gear. mungkin nak ada pon yg terlalu kecik sehingga boleh koyak kalu dipakai. hahah

class strt as early as 8.30 am. man woke like like working peps only. so early
but sumhow lost during the way cuz uitm is kinda big and windy so dad lost his way. mom and dad joined force to ask around i can help it sorry. 2 - door car. cant open my window duh ! hehe

the instructor's name is sofiya. well its more like a privite class since theres only 2 people ! haahha

rm 150 - 10 hours session

learn bubbling, breaststroke , kicking, and stuff. next class will be straight next week wed, thurs, fri. isnin selasa shes going langkawi . awww ~ how i miss lgk ohhooh
lol . pastu habis pukul 10 berkejaran ke ppum
heres the doc letter
dah la lambat sejam appoinment
mintak tolong cepatkan cuz dad's going to friday prayer.
and they did wine i mean the missy's cuz . . . its true i came late, but asking to be fast. heheh
which they did THNX !
the missys there are damn good. i mean the waiting room is small so people tend to hang out n eat outside in the secret recipe. n the missy is willing to go out n call. well usually people call ur name 3 or 4 times then done. next turn but not this. i luv Malaysian missys !! hehe

enter the docs room
looks fine the spine. i think i am suppose to do xray but kinda throw the app card away. haha thought sum rubbish. spring cleaning katakan


my mom pop the question yg i got ns. n asking for a letter of sickness. n yes he gave

doc :" memo ah ? memo ? memo mana? " he said loudly asking the nurse for a letter

he's not the typical chinese doc i see all the time. no wonder. his from utara. curly hair. check tru mmc hahah. said bout the pain i gt bila doing vigorous exercise hahah. i aid if sakit do what?
tidur ah ?
relaks only lo. what a reply =.='

DR. LIM SZE WEI graduated from india

from what i see i saw that my degree of bone bending has increased. lol tiny but it did. which it shouldnt cuz i am already 17.
so instead of app every year its now every 6 moths yes!

then went to pn haneem's house in ss19. help to do the kenduri gift. oh well makcik makcik bergossip. hehehe


Thursday, December 16, 2010


where the heck is that plkn letter.
i was suppose to get it a week ago
but still no sign... shoot !

theres so any things happening right now. i miss all those stuff cuz too much on ps3 lol ! dah setahun beli baru nak main. obviously boarding school.. duh !

dont wanna work. or maybe i do . cuz 3 month is short !
finding my interest. finding the course plkn thingy

really buzzing me out. plkn where the heck is the letter? i wanna appeal. not for so easy-going-dunt-wan-to-go but i got sickness. Real sickness...

juz when i thought my college course life spinning..
taylor college juz called me . he said i apply for adtp national scholarship. which i did .
and its true phone interview. OMG !
how is that possible. my voice is always cracking. got a soft voice and my my

0172383456 jaydee ong 2pm 28th december 2010

incase i need to schedule the date.
please Allah help me. i really wanted this cuz its under privite college so longer among bumuputera all the time.... aiz.. AMIN !

off to buy swmming attire for 2mrrw's class. which actually strted on tuesday that i miss. cuz woke up late ! hahaha :D

Saturday, May 29, 2010

_the end of soul sucker_

29 March 2010

hahah its been so long since i didnt blog.what i know is that school holiday is coming and definitely extra classes will be on. before taht let me just list down the things i need to do ..

  • pack my stuff ( cuz the MASB is comin to stay in my hostel... ooo air stewards )
  • study for pj n sivik ( sure not
  • ayahanda mahzan's retirement preparation.....( hate u pc u got the best ayahanda )
  • proposal ( for malam kesenian damn i hate proposals )
  • study tennis !!!
  • annual dinner preparation ( in charge of decorations... gotta start thinking )
now when i think back what i want in life ... sumtimes i deny hapiness and aim for the future... but little did i know life is a whole round of donut ( love the traditional donuts ) u have to be diverse... so far as i lived for 17 years ... i tried everything i wanted.... except i keep denying what i really wanted.

i want life
i want fame
i want frens
i want companion
i want wings for me to fly
i want demure smile
i want gadgets

lol lately school been relaxing. we all are just doodling around watching movies the pum organise. which i dont due to insufficient of money...hahahahah theres this stoopid proposal kena buat bencinya !!!" bila lar nak balik... " has been wondering in my ears for such a long tyme.. but hey look how bad i performe din my examination... i did superbly bad hahahah

oh well why shoul i write all thsi crap.. i just cant wait to go MAKANTHON ! yup u heard that rite !! makantHON ! i am going to eat all the way.. not to forget going to sj !! missing all the fun !

Friday, March 19, 2010

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2nd day blogging

lol agin i 'm mobile blogging hahahah ! Jaakun ! I know but it is very indeed useful ! check ur emails, blogs, tweets, download loads more tht i can do with ths phone. Plus right now i am onl,y using normal sox celcom. Imagine if i am using celcom edge ? Hahahah bahaya lar my bill.. Btw d/l those lady gaga songs LUV it !

Oh well i really luv chem clss today though 3 hours.. X bosan langsung ! Sayng cikgu shes great. Theres nthing else i can say cuz shes guru cemerlang ! Lol bio was ok too. Tomorrow last class oh NO ! Matilah i.

Sediyh nye x dpt kluar dgn kwn . Pei ajak tomorrow n tomorrow tht is thursday but lol. My schedule is packed n onli available at nite, early morning n monday afternoon(which had passed ) owh,.. I juz can say no but i gotta be strong right. Havem to reject my frens. Owhn i feel so bad ;(

hw bertimbun but guess what ? sASEr DPT gREaT PUrATA 0.97 !! Giler tak ! below 1.0 ! The best my school pernah dpt pon is 1.03 or so. But ths below zero ! Wowzers! Btw i cn see why cuz they work their ass off i mean study untill 5.30 pm ? Tthts class. Teacher teach. I find it it isnt the right time but oh well u want A + dont ya ?!
Salam signing off

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

the so call holiday !

16 march 2010

my first post in the year of 2010 i guess. Yup 2009 went by smoothly (thats hw describe in shrt) but this year i am expecting it to be rough. Nevertheless life MuST go on n thats is hw i am going to face ths year. SPM !

Back to the main point. Guess what ? What? Well i am using my hp to blog. Yea i know its juz a temporary hp for this week's march holiday but who cares when u r using N97 !!* scream* well it might not seem tht big for certain people but for me it is more thn wht i expected to hold in my barehands.*giggle* i lost 2 of my hp in boarding school. Well more likely detroy both, one cant be charge the other one as its own story. Tht very day i dont know why but i listen to my hp alarm clock n woke up ar 4 am. Histerically i saw my hp was on the pillow which is on the floor. Moments later it ends its life.. It was my beloved k550i . Now using n97 n brother's O2, ths n97 was a received 6 months ago by my dad but he refuse to use it n kept in safe n sound in an old looking office bag. Brother long found it n told us all. N i stole it ! Heheh

Next will be my so called oliday. Everyday i am packeed with study timetable n only have monday afternoon free to hang out wth my frens whch is indeed imppossible, cuz monday had past. lol ! Homework dunt even mention it ! Even the simplest subject as sivik i was given assigment! But most of all i lurve ! Physic cuz teacher understand us n did not leave n hw Thnk u PHySic Dpartnebt ! ! *hugs* obviously in the midts of chaotic i left sum of my hw. Oh well

oh n alhamdulillah i passes my jlpt test. As i expected, my grmmar bring my marks down. I got 372/400, quite bad for my level. I wish tht i cn join again hopefully my spm ends early n my mom give me a green light :) i want to go to japan !

Seriously i need to cntatct my foster family. Its been 3 months n no news from me? Hw rude am i! I know. that will be my to do list ths march break. Gosh times up ! I need to sleep to gain energy !
Assalamualaikum peps !