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23 September 2009

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

kami-sama e!

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Mood : *emotionless*

firstly it was no ordinary raya... i had a blast i gotta admit. not because of the duit raya ( though i want it badly) but because of the spirit.. the spirit my family have, i mean had. expecially on 1st of syawal. to make my post short..

heres what i got for raya :

and a baju kurung (pahang cutting) + 2 pair of jeans.

so heres the total of this year expense :

baju kurung pahang rm 79
baju kurung normal rm 100
google jeans rm 60
cheap jeans rm 25
2 + 1 purse rm 25
dress rm 40
stripe T's rm 30
shoes rm 40
bangle rm 10
Total Rm 409 !!!

woophs bust the budget which suppose to be rm 300.
oh well it was under budget at FIRST. bt things got out of my hand. there wasnt suppose to second baju krung so did the bangle. and the purse oops....! devils desire...>.< it was CHEAP ! seriously where can u get a purse that size for rm 10. i gotta get my hand on it !! hehehe..

الحمد لله for memorable day


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