بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

kami-sama e!

hahaha can u imagine i gotta do "this" S.E.M project ( well didnt wat the short form means hehe) in a WEEK. oi !! its an experiment i mean a real experiment and u have to create sumting new in just a week ? 0.o ? are u a MAD ScIentist? i guess "yes" in mjsc langkawi..... >.>

gosh i applied for bwp !!!!! i am crazy about the manifesto ! i mean what am i suppose to present to the students to 755 students in this junior colloge? hello ? ahhh !!! craziness in all over my body. not just that i feel and believe ( sum how haha) my english is corroding... but i do not want to go back to my old life. i dont want to stay back in the house. i cant really say the true reason but it is just it. even me, myself i dont know ! ahh hw life can be complited and misserable.

ah fyi just a note to myself. i got an interview for afs student exchange !!! *freak out* held in Alor Setar.... like oh my ! a journey that takes about 4 hours.... wallamak. took a cab, fery, dad's fren's car. wow ! hahaha just for the FIFTEEN minutes interview ? get real ! hahaha but nevertheless i enjoyed it . NO. i Love it ! it was great i mean not all i answer correctly but who cares when u had fun. brother and mom had to take a flight just to assist me to the interview!

لله ! please let me pass the interview and go for the next one in August ! *freak ...again*

pray for me. cuz this is what i really wanr in my life. i mean ONE of ! Japan ? i dream !!! >.< !~

:they are having a blast !! :

then this eve i had a girl talk with my batch. hey girl talks? hahahha so not me. but what can i say ? its different here. people change ...... for the best ! :D ! talk to roudah, izzati, nik and best of all i am being honest ! heheh

hahah gotta cau/ lots of event are lining up this semester ....heheh

الحمد لله for the sharing and caring day.


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