14 April 2009

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
kami-sama e

الله أكبر seriously my cant choose.

what i want in life ?

do i want to get straight A1's in SPM, fly then work.


do i want to do what i want to do. ie. study what i like only, do what i like only.

i can be stubborn sometimes because i want to to be my way. and thats one of the reason how ust Hasmani can guess what my ambition is ---> a Laywer

honestly theres nothing call FREEDOM in this world. even in arab proverbs there is a saying that goes like this

" kebebasan adalah satu tuntutan yang mahal"

and from the word mahal, i can understand that it is hard or impossible to achieve in this world.

"the World is just a stage that determine our future" ----> my saying ahahhah :D

that is why i no i mean all of us here need u ALLAH because u can give us the light of hope ( hidayah ) to ur mere powerless servant. please help me Allah in deciding the right choice to GO or NOT to Go to mrsm Langkawi. seriosuly it has been bothering me since early of this year. i cant say anymore.


btw today was the first competition during math & science week. early in the morning i tried giving an announcement paper to remind the participants of Math & Science quiz to go to bbm room. unfortunately it was stopped by pn Mah n Pn Ainon. v.v"
then call up hasanah and santhana who was practically absent to be at bbm room together with zhi xuan set up the plazes and questions. i went well except for students who i mark cheating yet talking. went smooth tho no teacher around to help us. we conduct it ourselves. yay ! izreen, hasanah, zhi xuan, putra, gary n me was there.

went to c pn mah earlier on and she said that she was dissa[ointed with us( the form 4 prefect board) ouch ! and selva vinod is our new member !(cheers) oh well. afie gets the compliment ! (claps)

then went to padang to try our portable cooking mechanism b4 recess with syuk. set things up and put my bahulu (which was in my pocket hehe) went we got back later after recess.... my oh my it turn well almost like rock. harden. alhamdulillah yippie ! hope it work out that way on comp day.

then jaga for about 5 minutes at gelanggang before being called agin to set up add math quiz comp. at first it was held in bbm room then change plan ...LIBRary. thankfully it was quite and had more space. heheh syai really need to congratulate her. its her fiest time calling those participants who didnt come yet. and my oh my isnt she brave...? i wonder whats her magnitude of body that she shivvers in fear to do that ! hahahah went well. at the same time hasanah n ameelda was marking the math n science quiz paper. who was there ? izreen, wen di, zhi xuan, jor shun, hasanah, ameelda, pei vern, syairah, me. count the money again and oh ! we have rm 2 ringgit extra ...? where should i keeep that? we ( syai, me and pei) count for almost 4 times ! oh well

went bak for chemistry just half a period to copy notes. then sej was practically
copying notes only. and pn kalson just told me to go to pandu puteri stuff in shah alam. she said its under NEGERi ! wow ! i should better cancel my kdu drawing contest right? balik time, i jaga 3 jaya then its empty so help3 setia. and pop ! suddetly zhi xuan appear.

"aqilah aqilah, wheres my book ?

i reply

"i left it in the library"


so it was a another amazing race for me. we ran ran ran !!! i mean seriosuly run to library to find his book and buallla ! found it !:D
went back up to 3 setia and make sure non form 5 wen turun through tangga tengah n stp the students taht did not tuck in the shirt.

lol --------what a hectic full of activity day----------

and tomorrow will be worst ! XP

الحمد لله for the great day !


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