Pumped Up !

9 APRIL 2009

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
kami-sama e

i dunt know why but i feel that i just need to write ... why ?
all thnx to Syairah she seems to be writing A LLOOOT now. from what she said earlier to me she cant think of anything to write but now... my my take a look at it urself. so now due to her bright enthusiasm
i am all off !

btw today just got back from Seri Kembangan Policlinic (after went back early from school ) just had my medical check up and i hate it. all those urine test, waiting, and waiting. but what i enjoy most is x - ray. not to say i like taking my clothe off but the process is just interesting not to mention i am already used to it.

lets see, first in the early days before i had my braces off. and that is in pkns kl a ha ya nun dal waw clinic. i wonder why i had to go there. but that time i just had to took off my tudung... n yes i AM RELUCTANT ! what the heck ? but neverthe less i took it off bcause it is a procedure and just niat to allah its for health. then second is when i went to um for reconfirming back bone pain. that time i was shocked and reluctant but less. then yesterday again due to my back bone pain. and lastly today at Seri Kembangan policlinic. Fwuh ! like 5 times i undergo the process of x - ray and I am LOvin it heheh. الحمد لله i my x ray didnt turn out like that ! if not knife and thread will be near me any minte. i mean surgery. heheh

but the main point is ... on Tuesday when i received the letter from mara regarding the mrsm, the next day my mom straight away took me to um for medical check up. with the help of Roslan :D ! then sadly hospitals did not do med check and so we went to change the appt to an earlier date. and luckily الحمد لله on that very morning the xray for bones problem is free. so that kind hospital attendant said

" ah hari nih tak da org buat. masuk je lar "

but the guy who was actually layaning us was kinda ..ummm .. ummm so he ask the lady next to him. and she said

" gi tanya org dalam dulu"

so there he goes, and come back with a good news. i went inside to do x ray tho that day i do not have an appt ! haha
then went to hospital serdang to do med check but same answer. they didnt do it. Hospital serdang is only for pakar. then went to the policlinic that i just went today ! make an appt yesterday cuz i tell u sumting. its really FULL !
ahhh ahh tomorrow going to um again for to see doctor on my bbp.

ahhhha hahaha

fyi order nasi briyani promotion from menara restaurant. and oh my ! what a CHEAP briyani ! just 7.90 for either beriyani lamb or chicken. and the portion is like an adult portion ! fwuh really worth it compared to J.M beriyani. <---- little portian big bucks

+ my hearts says go to msrm langkawi+

الحمد لله for the smooth day


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