the last day

17 APRIL 09

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
kami-sama e

gosh its tyme. its the time i'm leaving SJ !!! i mean smksj ! what a lasting memory i will have.


todays was hot ! i mean scorching hot. start the day by dutying (for the last time) as a PA member. but the portable fail me down. .. ahrgh ! suddenly it went boom ! out of battery ! and i was like.....ah ! there goes again the horror of PA board went the pa Sistem fails us. alhamdulillah thnk u i good a brilliant pa members and it turned out OK .

tak masuk kelas agama pun hahahah. kesian kesian whtas gonna happen to me i wonder...? the photo session went great, well i had my OWn very OWn photo session whereby i brought camera ! hah (with letter) and cam whoring the scene of us, prefects waiting to be photograph ! wakkaak thnk u prefects,,, u'll were great and sporting ! >.^ gonna miss that ! then luqman invited me to take phto under slad. well i was reluctant of course, but hey thnks again Luqman. hope ur week went well.

then during add amth time, is the moment i told the whole class, practically all were very sporting ! (thnk u for the umm third time?) each and everyone of u were so sweet ! theres no other word to describe 4 Setia than u urself who knows it better *wink*

recess duty was normal and oh my, i was witnessing the kawad practice for both pbsm and kadet polis. there were all so should i call it, BURNT >? hahah but i solute each and every one of u for the high spirit !!! go go go Sj ! >.<>

did the same thing during physics. PHOTO TYME ! with Encik Sim Sang LAy, my class teacher a.k.a my class teacher and my oh my... kelvin was so excited.. he quickly ran towards en sim, theres goes his hands.... behind en SIm. lol diyana, aqeel, muhaimin as expected joined ! :D

me better stop blabbing and strt uploading photos, dont u think ?

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thnkx again ull, ull were the sweetest classmate i could ever wanted. nothing cant replace u all who shared the moment to copy homeworks. hahah

الحمد لله for sweetest day in my life.


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