forbidden love ?

2 APRIL 2009

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
kami-sama e

hahahahha ameelda i am soo writing about u ! wakakkaka sad that u can not read this but hahah ! dah bocor semua !!! XP here it goes :-

ada seorang budak pompuan nih dia form 4, dan ada seorang budak lelaki cina dia tingkatan 3. dalam bulan januari diorg ber"couple" wakakka then break at the end of february cuz the guy was hahah"bermain kayu tiga"then gt back together in early april. what made me write about this is because the girl would never admitt while the guy is busy showing off hahha

UPDATE : budak perempuan tuh just admit to me and Syai hahah. but she wouldnt want to ask for break up because the guy is sick....auwh... sweeeet !


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