Sukan 09

28 MAC 08

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم
kami-sama e

lol today sports day ?! semalam malam baru g ladies nite, balik punya la larut malam then pagi nih kena bagun awal ! moh ~! jikan o tometai na ~!!! >.< ! karada ga warukute supotsu hi e ikinakereba naranai ! tapi nevertheless, i woke up 6.30 bath, pray and ate tiny winny bit of sarawak cake for my breakfast. x boleh makan banyak lar. still rase x sedap badan cuz last night. well not to be scarcastic but i arrived just on time ! actually 5 minute earlier ! imagine that ?! 0.0 pandu puteri kawad wasnt that great but hey we did participate with high spirit and full uniform ! gotta congratulate my pasukan n i for that ! * claps* then the toilet was packed. i mean supperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr pack with girls cahnging. macam *speechless* i change to biru house shirt then paki kasut and out of the suddent,
"aqilah !" shouted sashi and Pn Julie. "hurry up 100 meter is now" i mean like now? gila ker apa? sejak bila la pulak kita masuk 100 meter ...dah la individual lak tuh mmg GILER !!!! warm up pon tak. then others waited for me to cum so i just lari jer la. kesian pulak diorg. so its a last place for me ! *wohoo* smua org tanya, they all gelak....wakakkakak." hahahah tapi bagus ada semangat sukan tu yang penting" lol !:)

then again run for 400 then 4 x 100. 400 got 5th. lol i dunt really care....wonder why ? 4 x 100 like i said i got 1st ! happy but not THAT happy.....still cant figure out and this question has always been in my mind, why ppl like to show off their legs ? i mean tau lar kaki tuh lawa (though some tak) tapi ello ? rude much ? wheres ur sence of religion. but kinda pity them too. maybe they did not get the right asuhan. ah not to mention couples are on the air. like almost every row ada jer "berkepit - kepit" lol. i >.<" tgk. dunno wht i am going to do. no wonder i had read an article in news paper that SUBANG JAYA has the highest lighting and thunder on EARTH ! imagine that ?! imagine berapa banyak setan kat my place. owch.إستغفار‎ and that particular person who wrote the article did not just wrote in 1 news paper but 2 ! see how serious he is... and he urge the malaysia meteorology to declare and tell the national meteorology that Subang Jaya is 1st in the world not sumewhere else (sorry tak ingat lar) btw he wrote the articles in NST and the Star.

my ONLY medal

got back home around 1.40 pm. it was darn scorching HOT !!! macam almost every sport day pasti panas. ah mayb thats one of the reasons i hate sport day lol ! cau from the scene around 1.40 pm, and so heres my conclusion of 09 sports day :

1) a very unplanned sports day (seriously)
2) as usual HOT sports day
3) pleasant place for couples

and conclusion on MY event:

a) perbarisan - LOSE
b) 100 m individual (7th) - LOSE
c) 400 m individual (5th) - LOSE
d) 4 x 100 m relay (1st) - VICTORY

haha how lame am i. but what i notice is, my body is getting weaker, i am getting slower, my leg movement as in even 100 m i could not sprint. previosuly i performance was better. well in 100 m i will get first then by the end i get 2nd. but hey thats good. now.......ekk? dunt wanna elaborate lar. hahah

well thats a bout it. then the whoooooooooooooolllllllllleeee evening sleept. sampai cam tidur mati ah. sadly the setback i got was really bad headache. aouch ! >.<"
did edit my pandu puteri lencana komputer folio. lol after syairah like sms twice


OH I FORGOT ! yeheeee.. i received an invitation in the hippo homestay program wohoo ! alhamdulillah BUT the balance for the fee is slightly different well not slightly because the different from what it mention is around one thousand ! where am i suppose to get the extra 1000. i know it is not my money but takkan i wanna expect my parents to give me. stoopid hippo. and if u look through one third of the participants are كافر. wow ! dah banyak dah diorg selalunya x byk. usually
مسلم are more. now i am 50 50. should i go ? should i not go ? man i sound so racist . lol i mean should i waste another 3k or just burn the 2k?
*think think think*
oh well

الحمد لله for the great day.


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