a fresh start

15 MAC 2009

0625 - woke up and went to parent's room
0650 - woke up again, did my prayers
0705 - on the computer
0716 - went for a jog with parents

fwuh ! ^.^" what a day ... i jog for a bout like 2 km non-stop ? yea it does seems little but i'm not that athletic type so yeah ! i am happy !
it was fun by the way. whats more, ate my breakfast and sleep for 3 hours !! just for that freaking 1 hour jog.... hahaha how inequivalent. oh before i snoore did get to watch a hallmark movie "enemy within" here's MY synopsis,

about chubby dark hair girl name Amy who suffered from eye desease that recently cause her eye sight. thunder storm were outside. she was home alone, her boyfriend went to run out some errand, and her grandmother was not in. unfortunately, there were 4 fugitive on the lose and one of them was in Amy's house. thanks to her sharp hearing she knew the fugitive was with her. luckily, David, her boyfriend rang her to check her up. she sounded terrified and he told that to the police. the sheriff went to check on her unfortunately, he was stabbed on the back by non other than the Fugitive. later did Amy knew that her grandmother was murdered. she was terrified but managed to take the bullets from the sheriff. then it was a chase game. Amy did a smart act. she tricked and lured the fugitive into the basement. and when he went inside, she quickly locked it thus, bang fainting him. she went back inside, and thearatically, the Fugitive's brother came in as a police man. fortunately he was a little dumb. they as he was about to leave a gun shot was heard. it came from his brother's whereabouts. they met and came inside to kill Amy.David came, shut down the electricity, chaos happened inside the house, Amy kill the Fugitive's brother, David was put as hostage. At that moment Amy was reloading the gun she took from Fugitive's brother. She shot the Fugitive then cops came to the rescue !!!! the end.

sounds boring. you bet because its me who wrote it. hahah. nevertheless it was a high suspense thriller movie. and yea in the movie, everyone seems to care for Amy. weird.

Lepas tu, petang tadi gi rumah uncle Amir, sebenarnya bukan my real uncle pun tapi sebab sejak kecik kenal, panggil lar uncle. dia buat open house as a thanks giving to Allah for getting Jusa C. his house was WAY UP on Bukit Jelutong. nah tengok lar kawasan umah tuh ~

rasenya thats the type of house. oh well. hujan lebat sangat petang tad. sampai kena masuk masuk masuk dalam kalu tak nak makanan basah. Laksa dia YUMMy !!! roti jala.....>.<" ! dan kat dalam surat khabar berita mingguan ada nih budak pompuan buat kasut kulit, well selipar flip flop lar. buat tangan lak tuh ! perh ! tapi padan la bapak dia pembuat capal.

comel !!!!!! nak sgat ! liek those gladiators !

another day another homework is delay. hahah kononya nak siapkan hw by weekend but satu pun tak buat. the usual me ... ahhh !!! i wanna change ! >.< !


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