pms or headache

21 Ogos 08

Damn ! i feel so geram.....PMS mayb? nyways i feel so bored and tired of this ya Allah ! asyik2 my name jer yg kena panggil...tu nih tu nih... bukan nak jadi sarcastic but in my point of view...its happening..

then this eve, i went to bm *exclamation bahasa MELAYU !
gosh _____________________________ ( i couldnt say more since its d feeling of........ i had towards my teacher) *you fill in d blanks for me....maybe she has not awaken about the worrying fact of bumiputra ! i just wait and wait and wait till she give me that paper....n she hadnt....bila pukul 6 DAH ABIH KELAS baru the student that was copying the paper gave it to me. FOR WHAT ?! its already 6 !! wat do u expect me to do ? stay there and do while u go this increase my temp towards چينا !!!! man i wish they were not on earth !

oops need to be doing my chores now...


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